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Gisteo Of The Day: Animated Explainer Videos For CrowdMed

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CrowdMed is an amazing platform for the healthcare space, brining innovation that helps people overcome the obstacles and silos that exist within the medical establishment. CrowdMed is proving that there is power in numbers, wisdom in crowds and many opportunities to innovate health care to improve diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for patients. By empowering both medical experts and patients through an easy-to-use online service, CrowdMed helps diagnose medical issues faster and more accurately – not only improving outcomes, but saving lives.

We had the privilege to produce two animated explainer videos for CrowdMed: one to explain how the platform works for Patients, the other to explain how the platform works for Medical Detectives.  Both utilize a dynamic motion graphics approach, which you can view below.

CrowdMed for Patients:

CrowdMed for Medical Detectives:

Stephen Conley

Stephen Conley

Stephen is Gisteo's Founder & Creative Director. After a long career in advertising, Stephen launched Gisteo in 2011 and the rest is history. He has an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he did indeed inhale (in moderation).

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