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Why Should You Bring Video and Landing Pages Together?

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In the same way that an aircraft touches down on a predestined airport from its point of origin, so do Web users “land” or find their way from blogs, social media profiles and websites to landing pages where companies guide them toward intended conversion goals.

On a landing page, a consumer can be faced with different actions that they can take which businesses can use to their advantage.  A person, for example, may be enticed to register for a webinar, subscribe to an email newsletter, or begin using a shopping cart to purchase products through your e-commerce website.

As such, if you’re intent on driving Web users to become potential customers for your business, you need an impressive landing page that successfully catches your audience’s eye and leads them toward the right action you want them to take. We are talking about Conversion!

Why Videos?

ClickZ published a great article last year titled: Landing Page Video: Conversion Villain or Hero? The gist of the article was if you are going to use video on your landing pages, do it with a strategy and not just for the sake of filling space. The writer offers some great tips on creating landing pages with video that converts into what we all want, which is leads. We encourage you to check out the article and then come back to us to discuss a video strategy that converts.

Today’s consumers are more inclined to click on and watch a video than read lengthy text on a Web page.

Reading can be enjoyable, but if a website presents too much text in the hopes of getting their business’s message across to potential customers, people can quickly lose interest and decide to visit a different website. Videos, on the other hand, deliver a message in an easily digestible (and highly entertaining) form, so people are drawn to these more.

People spend more time on a company’s website when they watch videos.

Web users won’t mind watching a not-so-short video as long as it is informative and able to pique their curiosity. And when people stay tuned to your video, there is a greater chance of getting your message through to the viewer. A great way to test this is to do an A/B test. Create two identical landing pages, one with video and one without. 

People included in videos are seen as authority figures.

If the CEO, founder or a key employee of a company appears and speaks in a video, viewers look at the person as someone they can trust to provide solutions for the consumers’ needs and wants. Or if the leader of the company does not feel comfortable speaking on camera, no problem just animate them like we have done in this video of a school Principal who we made into an animated character to enhance the user experience. Now this video is NOT a good example of a converting video for a landing pages. It is clearly an explainer video but we wanted to show you how a CEO or leader in your business can still be the face of the company even with animation. 

Watch more from Gisteo.com on Vimeo.

How can you bring video and landing pages together for your business and get your targeted conversion results?

You can try these simple tips:

  • Create videos about your products to give people a quick preview, or a lengthier review, of the great things you have to offer, so they can be encouraged to become customers
  • Insert calls to action within your video. This can be done in different ways, so make sure to test which one would be the most effective: a CTA that is visible throughout the duration of the video, at the start, at the end, or during strategic moments.
  • Consider videos that play automatically and ones that require viewers to press “Play.” Again, each option may work better in specific circumstances than in others, so you need to carefully research and test the best option for your business. Sometimes autoplay can be disruptive to the Web visitor’s experience, while in other instances, it’s a welcome action.

Here is good example of a landing page video that had a successful conversion rate. It meets all of the criteria above. Clear, concise messaging, call to action at the end, and although the video does not automatically play here, rest assured our customer set it to auto play when they used it in their landing pages.

On that note, we thank you for reading, commenting and sharing this post if you love it! Happy Video Marketing, from the Gisteo team!

Stephen Conley

Stephen Conley

Stephen is Gisteo's Founder & Creative Director. After a long career in advertising (a way more dysfunctional industry than even Mad Men portrays), Stephen launched Gisteo in 2011 and the rest is history. He has an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he did indeed inhale, albeit in moderation.

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