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Digital Marketing with Video: More Reasons to Invest

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Many experts have predicted that 2015 will be the year of marketing with video. Now that the year is coming to an end, it’s clear that they got their forecast so wrong. Because based on the reach and impact that online videos have shown in the past several months, the year of video marketing isn’t just 2015, but also 2016—and beyond. In other words, digital marketing with video is here to stay and is expected to become even more influential in the new year.

2016 prediction for marketing with video

With its growth, it is seen that video may soon overtake other forms of content marketing. Internet use patterns show that video content consumption is now a leading source of Web traffic and a dominant online activity globally. In the attention-deficit, fast-changing, visually oriented online marketplace, the audio-visual format is such a powerful way to deliver your message. As one of the most effective platforms for storytelling, video merges effective information dissemination and emotional engagement, which is the best way to capture the interest, trust and loyalty of your audience.  

More than just cute cats.

There’s a side of online video that is now all grown up. These are the creatively made, professional-quality videos that aim to uplift a brand or share their marketing message without the sales pitch. Video marketing works for audiences that have grown jaded over traditional advertising. Whether it’s a humorous skit, a helpful product demo or a heart-warming short film, strategic video marketing boosts your site SEO and puts your brand forward without the artificial hype.

Greater level and intensity of reach and influence.

What would you rather do: read pages upon pages of technical product specifications, or simply watch a product demo video that’s only a couple of minutes long? If you’re like most people, you will most likely choose to get your information simply by watching a video. Even complex concepts become easier to understand and retain when presented via video.

Easier, faster, better methods of distribution and promotion

Thanks to new tools and formats, managing your video marketing assets has never been more efficient. You can easily upload, share to your networks and deliver across multiple channels every piece of video content with just a few clicks of a button. You can track and monitor the responses your videos get. You can automatically synchronise all your marketing campaigns to adjust to your content schedule and to enhance their impact.  

Business-friendly modes of production

If you plan to go the DIY route, you’ll find that video has become easier and less expensive to produce, thanks to cheaper and more accessible equipment and software. If you want to save time and ensure a more “pro” feel to your presentations, video production houses now offer services at more competitive rates, making video marketing more manageable for businesses of all types and sizes.

Stephen Conley

Stephen Conley

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