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Video Content Ideas – Part 2

Alright! So you read Part 1 of Video content ideas to creating an awesome explainer video right? If not, no big deal you can go back to it, these tips are in no specific order. If you are looking to create a great explainer video, here ate the second half of our tips to success:

6. Add a bit of humor

No matter who your audience is, some good old fun and lightheartedness can make your videos resonate with viewers. Entertain your audience and you can easily build rapport between your brand and your target customers. It’s really hard to keep your audiences attention when the video is straight forward information with no humor to break it up. Remember to be authentic to your brand, if it is not part of your company culture to bring the funny, then you may need to change your culture. Just kidding! Bust seriously, be sure the humor fits your company. 

7. Let the visuals take the backseat

In producing videos, remember that the audio component takes primacy over the visuals. Visuals are important but these should not be the focal point of your video. The primary function of visuals is to support your narrative as well as the voice-over. Relying too much on visuals can distract your viewers from getting the message you are trying to share with them.

8. Find the right tune

The right musical score can heighten the effect of the different elements of the video. Typically, music is used to evoke emotions as well as set the overall tone of a video. In some cases, you will have a clear idea of which song to use prior to the production of your explainer video. However, in most circumstances, the easiest way to proceed is to finish your video and find a song that matches it. Be sure to use tracks that are licensed properly for commercial use. Outsourcing this task to a company like Gisteo will ensure you don’t break any rules. 

9. DIY may not be for you

Not all of us have the skill to make copy come to life through animation. It takes a special talent and while you may be a brilliant Marketing Director or CMO, creating explainer videos might not be your thing. It’s not something to feel bad about, embrace your ability to recognize the need to outsource projects like this to teams like ours. (Shamless Plug)

10. Planning for success

Your job does not end after video production. People will not instantly watch your videos; you have to set yourself up for success.

One of the first things that you need to do in post-production is to find a suitable platform to host your videos. There are plenty to choose from like Vimeo or YouTube. Learn the pros and cons of each of these in order to make an informed choice. Next, prepare your marketing plan. Your latest video may not go viral, but by leveraging your assets like your blog, social media and your newsletter, you can significantly increase the views for your video. Finally, if you are going to embed your new video on your website, make sure that it is integrated seamlessly.

Following the aforementioned tips will not only help you streamline your video production and reduce costs. Apart from these, keeping these tips in mind can help instantly upgrade the quality of your explainer videos. We hope you learned something about producing a great explainer video. As always we are a quality option should you decide to outsource the task. Take a look at just a few of the animated videos we have produced for clients across all industries.

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Stephen Conley

Stephen Conley

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