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How to Engage Your Customers Through Marketing Video

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How a Marketing Video Can Better Engage Your Customers

There’s a vast variety of marketing strategies available nowadays, but very few can effectively deliver results the way a explainer marketing video can. Numerous studies have shown that marketing accomplished through videos has a bigger impact compared to other types of content, especially in the digital realm, because most online users are visually inclined. Likewise, great creativity can be demonstrated through video marketing; there really is no shortage of ways to be more engaging, entertaining and—best of all—informative.

And speaking of engagement, research shows that people have the natural tendency to gravitate more toward videos compared to regular text. This really is a no-brainer because with videos, you no longer rely on your own interpretation of the message delivered, as you would with mere words; you would need to make sense of the words and then work your imagination to completely establish the essence of the content.

Meanwhile, when credibility is concerned, videos also leave a stronger impact than text and other forms of content because through videos, the functionality of a product is demonstrated fully; as such, its relevance in the lives of target customers is established better. As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” There’s simply no questioning the value of a message that is accompanied by actions that people can copy or apply in their own lives.

This dynamic is really what makes YouTube and Vimeo such a powerful online marketing platform; through the demos or tutorials posted on this social media-sharing site, people’s interest in products, services, and even personalities grow even more.

Apart from YouTube tutorials and demos, other types of videos and video distribution techniques are also effective for marketing, and they are listed below.

Explainer Videos

You might be wondering, What is an explainer video? Well, wonder no more because the all mighty Wikipedia has included the term in their terms. We were so excited we had to publish a blog post about it, check it out. Back to Explainer videos, companies from start-ups to major corporations use this form of video marketing to explain, products, services and core values. The days of a boring about us pages are gone. Now you see marketers using awesome videos as home page takeovers, or lead in’s explaining the gist of the company. Here’s an example of one of a four part series we recently created for our client. They decided to create a character to animate and explain the adventures of the industrial distribution field. So you can see, any type of business or industry can have fun with and get the point across in an explainer video.

Kinetic Typography Videos

Kinetic typography videos are one of our favorite video marketing strategies. They are not just entertaining but they evoke emotion. The ability to make your audience laugh, or cry, is the ultimate measure of customer engagement. Again,this is not a simple DIY video marketing project but if it is done correctly, something you can use in your marketing strategy for years to come. We are talking about customer engagement which means quickly capturing the attention of your prospects and holding on to them for the length of the video. Watch this compelling kinetic typography video we created for our client Success Lab.


These are usually for exclusive groups as they require an invitation, but the beauty of webinars is that they provide comprehensive knowledge about offerings and they are not limited to the advisable length of marketing videos for YouTube, Daily Motion and other platforms. Creating webinar content can be a lengthy process so be sure to plan out six month to a year in advane so that you have a plan of action, otherwise you may run the risk of loosing your audience due to lack of content down the line.

Interactive Video Chat

At one time it was Skype and Google Plus that everyone was talking about in online video chat but today the market has become more and more competitive. Interactive video marketing provides the perfect opportunities to provide answers to questions and really interact with people who are interested in your business. This is a great way to establish more profitable, closer relationships. Social networks like Snapchat, Periscope, Skype and Google Plus are great ways for brands to become interactive and curious about your brand. The growth from these brands has been staggering over the last year which can only mean interactive video is here to stay.

Video Testimonials

These put a face on positive feedback and can be placed on the company’s website. They are great material for social proof that can sway people to act to the advantage of your business. Studies reveal that most customers check out other people’s experience with a product of service first before making a decision to buy. When considering using clients in video testimonial content be sure to work with a video production company who has experience putting these types of videos together. This will ensure you have a model release signed from the subject and that the video is professional and represents your brand well.

So, if you’re hoping to be more successful with your online marketing strategy this year, you simply can’t do without videos. Explore the different kinds of videos you can use and increase your target audience’s engagement. We are no digital marketing agency but we know our stuff when it comes to video marketing. If you are interested in producing a professional video or video series for your brand, schedule your free consultation here.

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