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Branding and Your Video Marketing

How Your Video Marketing Efforts Can Improve Your Brand Identity

You know traditional media consumption has gone the way of the Web when teens are watching less and less TV. According to latest research from Marketing Charts, traditional TV viewing is down by 17 percent with teens and millennials. The young demographic is now choosing more digital sources. Meanwhile, last year alone, video engagement reached 43 percent growth, with 3/5 of users using mobile devices. And every month, YouTube gets 800 million unique visits. Let that sink in for a moment. 

Clearly, your video marketing budget needs to exist and thrive in 2016.

Building Brand Awareness

Online video marketing is an effective way to build brand awareness. It’s effective because a good portion of the world is turning to Web videos for information, entertainment, and education. It’s also effective because it provides opportunities for creativity and versatility—and when done right, it shouldn’t eat too much into your marketing budget.

With online videos, your business achieves reach, engagement, and savings. Of course, you can’t just make any video. As businesses increase their budgets for video content, expect to come up against heavy competition. Most of the big companies will spend top dollar to have their videos gain the kind of attention that not only boosts branding but also increases profits.

Your online videos need to stay ahead of the pack.

What Your Videos Need

Start by crafting your brand’s story. You need the right message to go with your videos. Once you have a story, specify the goal. What do you need your videos to achieve? Do you need to reach a new market? Is it meant to inform consumers of your new product or services? A clearly defined goal will help you plan how to present it and where to distribute it.

Next, make sure your website videos have the following:

  • It has to have good quality. Don’t put your brand in a bad light by using poor quality videos and even poorer concepts. If you don’t have the time or the resources to produce good quality videos, hire the right service to do it for you.
  • Watch the length. Shorter online videos get more shares than longer ones. If it’s less than a minute, you might get even more success because 59 percent of people have watched under-a-minute videos to completion.
  • Use videos in your emails—and include them in the subject. Videos in emails get 65 percent click-through rates and they increase open rates by 19 percent.
  • Optimize video for SEO. Your videos need to get discovered before they get watched. So use keywords or phrases in the title and meta data. Add links to your website. And make it easy to share on different blogs, websites, and social media networks.
  • Consider new technology, like’s 360-degree view of a selfie. The new tool combines video with the global pastime, the selfie. Think about how you can use such tools to suit your video marketing plan.

If you need help with your video marketing strategy and video production that matches your brand identity, we are here to help, drop us a line.

Stephen Conley

Stephen Conley

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