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Marketing Videos: How to get the best results

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With These Tips, Make Marketing Videos That Get Results 

Video marketing works for businesses. It can boost traffic and conversion on websites. It can enhance branding, establishing businesses ahead of competitors. It can push profits, securing stability and longevity for companies. With experts revealing that Web consumer traffic will climb to 79 percent by 2018, marketing videos can deliver success for your business.

And one of the best ways to achieve that result is to put the personality of your company, front and center. The whole idea is to make that connection with your audience—with your consumers. Your business personality can make your brand stand out from other companies that make marketing videos.

With your marketing videos, you can showcase your brilliant products, you can represent your organization, and you can introduce your winning team to consumers. Whether it’s your company’s story or a product demo, injecting personality into your marketing videos will require a few essential ingredients.

Find the right character for your animated videos.

In traditional  marketing videos, ideally you’ll star in your marketing videos. However, not every business owner is cut out to be in front of the camera. When you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, going the animated marketing video route is best. You’ll be able to create authentic and relatable videos because your audience is able to believe and like your personality. When consumers like and trust what they see on video, the conversion and purchases will follow. animation allows business owners to be the face of the brand, while eliminating the pressure of live filming.

Highlight your products or services and stay on point with messaging.

Not all your marketing videos have to focus on the personality or personalities behind the business. Some of your videos can highlight products or services.

Here, creativity and execution are crucial. You’re telling the business’s story through what you offer. So an engaging and unique concept should work. But don’t get lost in the production; your videos should still convey the message, and what you want viewers to do after watching (i.e., your call-to-action).

Illustrate what makes your business different from all others.

Is it your commitment to achieving customer satisfaction? Is it your affordable price point in a premium market? Is it your spotless reputation or your impressive client list? Make sure your business’s unique quality comes through in the marketing videos because consumers respond to it.

Always produce high quality videos.

Your marketing videos represent your company. So they need to look good and they need to sound clear. Other than a long and boring video, poor quality production can make viewers click away.

With advanced smartphone features and the right apps, you can make a one-minute video about your product or company in good quality—and not have to spend too much money.

If you don’t have time to make videos, you can always turn to expert Web video companies. The right Web video service can conceptualize, write, and produce outstanding marketing videos while you focus on running the business.

Stephen Conley

Stephen Conley

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