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New Gisteo Release: Auto Industry Explainer Video

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PushAuto has created the car buying experience of the future.  As they say, “it’s so easy your grandma could use it – but she probably won’t.”   The platform enables you to buy or lease a new car 100% online, from any device, minus the typical haggling and hassles.

Gisteo created this (motion graphics-style)auto industry explainer video to help viewers quickly get the gist of what PushAuto is all about:

Video script below:

In today’s on-demand digital world, we can buy almost anything we want with just a few clicks, swipes or taps.

So when it comes to trying to buy or lease a new car, why does it feel like we’re stuck in the 90’s?  Is the best online alternative really coupons?

What the auto industry needs is an end-to-end, 21st century solution that puts the consumer in the driver’s seat.

One that lets you shop multiple dealers and lenders from wherever you are and manage everything online¬- with just the push of a button.

Enter Push Auto, your one-stop resource for researching, buying or leasing your next car.

Push Auto has streamlined the entire process into 4 easy steps.

First, start by choosing your vehicle.

With our powerful research tools, you can see what others have paid for the same car and even get an estimated 5 year cost of ownership

Two: Select the type of deal you’re interested in- cash, finance or lease.

Three: Upload a photo of your insurance card and driver’s license online or through our app. If you’ve chosen to finance or lease you’ll then fill out a credit application. You can even upload pay stubs or tax returns to get the best possible rate.

Your application will then be accessed by all affiliate lenders and dealers instead of the old-school way of having to fill out a new credit form for each potential lender.

Then you simply select the best deal from the multiple offers received from both dealers and lenders.

All of the paperwork can be filled out online…and you can even schedule home delivery if the vehicle is at a location near you.

So there you have it.  One hassle-free platform for all of your car buying and leasing needs…start-to-finish… from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Your new car awaits…with Push Auto.

Get started today!





Stephen Conley

Stephen Conley

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