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Explainer videos for business: what you need to know

Explainer videos for business is a hot topic these days so let’s take a closer look at how explainer videos can help you and your business.

You may have heard that the average attention span of your audience is shrinking but the problem may be even worse that you thought.  A TIME magazine summed up the problem in an article titled, “You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish.”

Yikes. While there may be some academic hyperbole going on there in that article, the fact is that you have precious few seconds to grab people’s attention in the fast-moving world of online marketing.

Statistically, 17% of you are about to click away from this article, as you’ve already read for 4 seconds but if this were a video instead of an article, there would be a much greater chance that you would hang around longer.  This fact is affirmed by Aberdeen’s latest report, which found that “marketers who are using video are seeing (on average) 49% faster growth in revenue.”

The truth of the matter is that a well-made explainer video can do a better job telling your story than text alone. Explainer videos far outperform blog articles or traditional text-based posts in terms of user engagement.

In general, there are several different types of explainer videos for business. Let’s take a quick look at them here:

Benefits video – this is a high-level overview/intro type video that tends to work well on your homepage or landing page. They enable visitors to quickly get the “gist” of what your product, service or business is all about.  Here’s Gisteo’s own benefits video and you can see that it’s prominently displayed on our homepage:


How To” videos – these types of videos tend to be more tutorial or training focus and tend to work well explaining specific topics in depth.

Demo videos – more specific details about products/services, often using screenshots of say a software platform to better showcase the key features of an offering.

 FAQ videos – these videos answer frequently asked questions and inform users about the most critical pieces of information that a visitor needs to know.

Ideally, businesses will want to utilize all the above types of videos as part of a video marketing plan, along with live action testimonial videos.

Effective explainer videos for business start with a compelling script. For a typical explainer video (especially the high-level benefits-focused videos, the script should be concise. 60-90 seconds is a good length for these.  The script should address the pain points of your target audience while detailing the benefits of your solution.  In addition to an engaging script, you’ll of course want to have custom, high-quality illustration/animation, a professional voice over and music that fits the tone of your video.

If you want to know more about explainer videos for business or if you’re looking to get your own explainer video produced, just contact us at Gisteo and we’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation.

Stephen Conley

Stephen Conley

Stephen is Gisteo's Founder & Creative Director. After a long career in advertising, Stephen launched Gisteo in 2011 and the rest is history. He has an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he did indeed inhale (in moderation).

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