Video marketing has been gaining traction and becoming a must for marketers in recent years.  It is now among the most effective tools for pitching your products and services.  But you don’t need to take our word on it.

Here are some video marketing statistics for 2021 from credible sources that will help you understand how important videos are in today’s marketing environment.  Or, if you have a boss that still doesn’t quite understand how effective video marketing can be in 2021, bookmark this page and use these stats to convince her or him that now is the time to start producing quality video content!

How effective are videos at grabbing attention?

Videos tend to capture more attention from viewers than any other type of media. Here are some stats to support this bold claim.

– According to Animoto, 85% of marketers consider videos to be an effective way of getting attention online.

– A report by Social Media Week found out that viewers claim to retain as much as 95% of what they see in a video.

So it’s pretty clear that videos are an effective method of getting your point across and making it stick with your target audience. How can this benefit you in terms of business? Let’s see!

Videos and spreading brand awareness

Animoto has found out that videos are the number 1 way people get to know a brand that they later buy stuff from.

According to Wyzowl, 94% of the people using videos as a marketing tool say that it was effective to increase awareness about their service or product.

According to YouTube, more than 70% of the users of the streaming giant said that they discovered new brands via YouTube videos.

Ok, so videos are effective to tell people you exist but that’s only half the job.

Do videos bring traffic? Yes, they do! Here’s some evidence. 

The effectiveness of videos in increasing traffic

According to Wyzowl, videos have the following effects on website traffic and lead generation:

– 86% of the people who use videos as a marketing tool say that videos help increase traffic to their website.

– As much as 84% of marketers say that videos are effective for generating leads.

– 83% of the marketers established that videos helped increase the amount of time people spend on their website.

Ok, so videos can bring people to your website, but do they increase sales?

Let’s dive into some video marketing statistics for 2021 about that.

The effectiveness of videos on driving sales

Animoto has reported that 93% of the brands using videos for marketing got new customers due to videos.

Wyzowl established in a report that 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to try a product or service after watching the brand’s video.

78% of the marketers say that videos have directly helped them in increasing sales, also according to Wyzowl.

So this is the current status of videos for marketing, for the year 2021. Have things always been like that? Let’s take a look at the trend in the popularity of videos as a marketing tool. 

The evolution of videos as a tool for marketing 

Wyzowl recently conducted a survey to find out the trends of the popularity of videos as a marketing tool. Here’s what they found out: 

– The number of businesses using video as a tool for marketing has increased from 85% in 2020 to 86% in 2021. That might not look too much but we’re just a couple of months into the year and that’s a significant number.  This value has increased from 61% in 2016.

– 93% of marketers currently regard videos as an effective marketing tool. The value has risen from 78% in 2015.

– The number of people using webinars has increased to 62% in 2021 from 46% in 2019.

– And the most impressive finding of the survey might be this one: 87% of marketers now believe videos to give a positive return on investment. Only 33% had that view in 2015.

Some of the increase in the popularity of videos as a marketing tool can be credited to the pandemic. How has the pandemic affected video marketing in the past year or so? Let’s see!

Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the popularity of videos as a marketing tool

The same report from Wyzowl has also revealed some of the effects of the coronavirus on the video marketing landscape. Here’s what they found:

– 91% of marketers believe that the pandemic has increased the importance of videos for marketing.

– 74% of the marketers say that they are more likely to use videos for marketing post coronavirus.

– 70% of the video marketers plan to increase the money they are spending on videos for marketing. 

– 68% of the customers said that their video consumption has increased after the pandemic.

This is the state of affairs regarding video marketing right now. What about the future? What do video marketing statistics for 2021 reveal about it moving forward?

The future of video marketing

The same report from Wyzowl uncovered the following nuggets about the future of video marketing: 

– 99% of the video marketers plan to keep using videos as an effective marketing tool in the future.

– 96% of them plan to increase the money they are spending on video marketing in the future. 

– Of the people who are not currently using videos as a tool for marketing, 69% say they will start using them in 2021.

That was all about the people who currently use videos in marketing. But some people still do not use them. Why’s that? What do those people have to say? Let’s see.

Why some marketers and businesses do not use videos as a marketing tool

Biteable recently conducted a survey regarding video marketing and they included people who don’t currently use videos as a tool for marketing in the survey. 

Here’s what they found out: 

– 66% of marketers do not use videos because they think they are too time-consuming.

– 41% of marketers do not make videos because the process is too complicated.

– 37% of marketers do not use videos because they are too expensive for them.

– 80% of marketers pointed out that they can use videos for marketing if they find an easy way of making them.

So far, we have been talking about making and not making videos and their effectiveness as tools of marketing. What  about the financial part of all of this? Let’s see!

The financial aspect of using videos as a marketing tool 

The Biteable survey found out these things about video marketing expenses:

– The average expenditure of a marketer is between $100-$1,000 on a video.

– Most marketers spend under $300 on a video.

Videos are great, the trend is increasing, the expenses are not outrageous at all, but what makes marketing videos? Let’s see what the survey found out about the content of marketing videos.

What content is used in marketing videos?

According to the survey by Biteable, here’s how people use marketing videos:

– 65% of the marketing videos are presentations, 57% are ads and 47% of them are explainer videos.
– 81% of video marketers believe that music has a positive effect on the effectiveness of their videos.
– Voiceover is thought to be a way of making marketing videos better by 66% of marketers.
– Captions make marketing videos better, say 64% of marketers.
–  78% of video marketers feel that including less text is better

Okay, so that was about the content people like to see but where do they see it? Let’s examine the popular video content consumption platforms.

Video consumption platforms

The survey by Biteable also inspected the share of different internet platforms in the video marketing market and here’s what it revealed:

– Most of the videos (75%) are shared on Facebook followed by YouTube (70%) and Instagram (58%).

– Most of the marketing videos (34%) are shared in the afternoon, followed by evening (25%) and morning (22%). The lowest number of videos (2%) are shared at night.

Bonus video marketing statistics for 2021  

– Mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year. (Invisia

– Videos will make 82% of all consumer internet traffic in 2022, 15 times more than what is accounted for in 2017. (Cisco)

– 78% of the people using the internet watch online videos every week with 55% of them watching daily. (HubSpot)

– The video hosting giant YouTube is the second most popular website on the internet after Google. (Alexa)

– 1 BILLION hours’ worth of video is consumed on YouTube every, not year, not month, EVERY DAY. (YouTube)

– 75% of all online videos are played on mobile devices. (eMarketer).

– 92% of the people watching a video on a mobile device share it with others. (Wordstream)

– One million minutes of video content flows across the internet every second. (Cisco)

– Social media posts having videos get 48% more views than the ones that don’t have videos. (The Marketing Helpline)


These video marketing statistics for 2021 underscore just how important using video is these days. Businesses that fail to embrace video marketing are going to face an uphill battle moving forwards.  Businesses that embrace video marketing are on the right path as long as the content they produce is compelling and reaches their target audience in the right channels.

If you are (and your boss) are convinced about the importance of video marketing and want to give it a try, contact us. At Gisteo, we create animated videos in diverse styles to help you attract, engage, and convert…all at an affordable price.

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