The most efficient way to breathe life into your brand is through content marketing. This also helps a business reach a larger target audience. However, a digital marketing agency also places special emphasis on video marketing.  

As per a HubSpot report, 97% of marketers believe that video is the most important content a business can produce. According to another survey, 81% of businesses utilize video as their marketing plan. This article provides some information about why video marketing is a must while offering you some fantastic marketing ideas. 

Importance of video marketing

The significance of video marketing for business today cannot be stressed enough. Video marketing empowers brands to boost their profile online. From Youtube videos to website videos to webinars and online courses, videos are a critical part of both B2B and B2C content strategies. Let’s go over just a few reasons why video marketing is a must in 2021 and beyond.

Videos can offer a strong return on investment

Some view video marketing as a pricey and arduous strategy. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With today’s technology, you can create good quality videos rapidly and within your budget. Phone cameras have improved dramatically and video recorders are more affordable than ever before. Also, there are software solutions available that enable you to create your own promo or explainer video or using a professional service like Gisteo can provide a strong value-for-money proposition. If goes without saying that controlling costs while producing your marketing videos will always help achieve a better ROI.

People love video

Let us look at some stats for to illustrate this point and underscore why video marketing is a must. 

Facebook carries more than 8 billion views of the video in one single day. 86% of the videos people view without sound. A YouTube blog a couple years back also confirmed that people view more than a billion hours of content every day.  Twitter even startled us by giving a figure of 2 billion views on the platform each day to people. Tweets that carry video always attain 10 x engagements when compared to the tweets that do not carry videos. If your business does not produce and share videos, you are missing out on an opportunity. People clearly crave video and failing to deliver video content can leave you behind in a competitive marketplace. 

Videos are perfect for explaining the benefits of your product or service 

Need more reasons why video marketing is a must? No problem… here’s more. Video is the best tool for helping prospective buyers absorb facts about your product. As per a study, 94% of marketers confirmed the benefit of the video in enhancing user understanding of a service or product. A visitor or a user will only purchase a product or avail of service when they completely understand it. They must also know how it can benefit them. Video marketing is highly engaging and helps brands to explain how they or their products work. 

Videos are flexible

Marketers access several options when thinking about how to use video. They are a wide variety of methods that can perfectly fit in with the business’s marketing goal. YouTube is the most popular space to commence sharing videos. But, beyond Youtube, there are several other options you should explore for in your video marketing efforts:

Webinars are the best way of employing video for interacting directly with potential customers. Videos can be the catalyst for answering particular questions that consumers might have regarding your product. In this way, you establish your business as the authority.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram allow you to post stories that vanish after a particular time amount. These are extremely cost-effective and quick for interacting directly with the audience. One caveat: stories will only be effective when you build an audience.

In the past few years, the popularity of live video has grown like never before. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch are the industry giants that enable businesses to get hands-on live content streaming. Live streams receive six times more interactions than regular videos.

It’s also possible to use video on a one-to-one level. As a marketer, you can record videos to send quick messages when following up on inquiries or questions.

Videos help boost SEO

More than 82% of traffic will always comprise video by this year. Search engines perceive video as superior quality content, which is why SERPs love videos! So you should utilize videos in numerous kinds of content and also on your company’s main web page. 

The sheer scope that video offers makes it easier to understand why video marketing is a must. Uploading videos on YouTube let you target typical search terms, which is an effective way to hep your business reach Google’s first page. This happens as Google incorporates YouTube videos at the pages’ top results for numerous search terms. 

More stats that show why video marketing is a must

Some of these stats demonstrate aptly why using video for marketing is effective for businesses: 

Boosting Conversions:  90% of consumers believe that videos will help them advance a purchasing decision. Video is useful for conversions on websites as these people stay engaged for a longer amount of time on your site. It is especially useful for people who do not like to read much. 

Getting personal: Live video is important to consider as this will account for more than 15% of traffic by the year 2021. Especially when your career includes digital marketing, you will need to frequently browse Instagram stories and Facebook live. You’ll have to learn the proper way of creating basic videos for optimizing them. Instagram stories are very engaging as these provide individuals with personal or intimate glimpses of what your business is about. These are also amazing as creative tools. The best part about such videos is that they only stay for 24 hours, which offers a real-time feeling to the viewers. This also provides marketers with the prospects for developing advertisements that are concentrated on time-sensitive campaigns. Real-time content helps create brand trust, gives the audience exciting updates, and many more.


In conclusion

Now it should be clear why video marketing is a must. Marketers can reach people in the best way possible way with video marketing and it has never been easier for businesses to craft and share premium quality video content.
If video is still not a major part of your content strategy, you need to get in touch with a digital marketing agency…and soon! And, if you have specific explainer or promotional video needs you’d like to discuss, feel free to contact the team at Gisteo.

Jasmine Miah

Jasmine Miah

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