What is an explainer video and why do you need it? It’s a piece of content where a person explains a topic or shows how to use something. Have you ever heard jokes about smart kids explaining physics on YouTube better than college teachers? This is the same thing, but you can use it to bring awareness to your business and get more customers!

Let us share some tips on how to attract customers with engaging explainer videos. From SEO optimization to editing, you can easily apply any of these to make your content pop. When it does, you’ll get more organic traffic; people who are genuinely interested in the topic.

Among them, at least a quarter will be interested in purchasing your products, services, or courses. And even if half of them follow links and complete purchases, you’ll see incredible improvements in the revenue and popularity of your business.

Tip #1: Follow Advertising Trends

Following advertising trends is crucial if you want to promote your explainer videos for the purpose of attracting customers. For example, earlier, all we had was aggressive advertising where you’re literally forced to click on a link or review product specifications.

Nowadays, though, it’s all about native ads. Embedding some in an engaging explainer video will encourage the audience to check the products of your company out. You can also embed a message that they are necessary to achieve the goal.

You’ll also bring value by reviewing how your own products work, which is like a video manual for current and future customers. This is an essential thing because if a person encounters a problem nowadays, one of the first places they go is YouTube.

Tip #2: Use SEO Optimization for YouTube

While you may be interested in another SNS, we’ll take YouTube optimization as one of the most popular examples. After all, the major volume of full explainer video pieces is posted there.

Below are some of the easiest yet best SEO recommendations for your video content:

  • Research keywords.
    This is the first thing to do even before you shoot a video. How do you know what exactly your target audience is looking for? Use digital SEO tools to research KWs and find a bunch that isn’t too general, has medium competition, and is connected to your topics of interest.
  • Include KWs in the title and description of the video.
    Don’t overcrowd, include them as naturally as you can. When you find a perfect phrase, it will fit into the title and description as if it was supposed to be there.
  • Keep the title short yet explanatory.
    It should be like a meta title for an article online. Concise yet explaining what exactly you’ll see in the video.
  • Make the description scannable.
    Long descriptions with no structure are boring, so not many people read them. They are here for the video, after all. However, if you create a beautiful, informative, well-structured description, it will be more appealing not only for the viewers but for search engines as well.
  • Consider including a focus phrase in the file title.
    YouTube algorithms may see the title of the video, and if it contains a proper keyword, the file may get an advantage in taking the niche for that word compilation.

Tip #3: Use Social Media Marketing Tactics

YouTube can be labeled as a social networking service. People interact and communicate there, share content and discuss it, after all. So, the basic marketing tips for all social media can work here.

Customer attraction consists of many techniques and factors:

  • High-quality content.
    Your video explainers have to bring value to the viewers. They don’t have to be too long with the first 2 minutes being your introduction. Many people find it annoying and will readily just skip to the next video. Every minute should bring either aesthetic pleasure or valuable information.
  • Following the topic of visual value, the color palette, the scene, tools you use to explain, etc. should be in style. Not everyone is seeking value in images, but such videos seem to be more wholesome and professional.
  • To promote, you need other people to mention you. This includes backlinks to your video from other services, mentions by other video bloggers, user-generated content, and much more. Encourage interaction and sharing to attract more viewers and potential customers.

Tip #4: Play with Editing

Optimization is a great tool to bring more people to your video. Another thing is to keep them till the end. While interesting information is the key, the way your content looks is becoming more and more important nowadays.

For example, an article on letsdovideo.com covers virtual backgrounds in Zoom. Why not do something similar with your video? The range of tools you can edit content with is staggering. And the main benefit is that you don’t need any training or skills to create something gorgeous.

You’ll need more time, of course, than professional video editors, but hiring one as your channel grows also isn’t a bad idea!

Tip #5: Focus on the Proper Structure of the Video

Don’t start the video with an explanation. Your viewers may not be sure what they are watching. Take a moment to introduce yourself, but don’t take too much time. Then, include the following algorithm for success:

  1. Focus on the problem of the viewer.
    Let’s say you’re creating a video about SEO optimization for YouTube. You want to promote your own digital tool and show how to use it. Before introducing the product, address the issue your viewers have. Tell them how common it is and that it’s not too difficult to fix the problem.
  2. Talk about your products and their use.
    Make it a practicum instead of a boring presentation of all the features your tool has. Embed the advertisement into the explanation. People will watch it and not even realize they are also listening and learning about your products.
  3. Finish with a call to action.
    In the end, offer your products directly. Tell a little about the versions you have and whether there’s a free trial or a free toolset. Ask to share the video, comment, like, ask questions, etc. Choose the action you want them to do the most.

Combine Quality and Promotion

The best things you can do to your content are making it valuable for the target audience and promoting it well. Focus on these two actions and use the recommendations above to attract customers with explainer videos.

You can always cooperate with professionals in SEO, link building, marketing, editing, production, etc. At first, you may do everything yourself. But after seeing the first results, take another leap and hire an expert that will adjust your strategies to bring even better results.

After several leaps, you won’t recognize your business and will be surprised at the attention it draws!

Frank Hamilton

Frank Hamilton

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English. Meet him on Facebook and Twitter.

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