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7 Steps to Make an Animation Explainer Video

Do you know that about 80% of marketers consider videos as the best way to market a new or existing product to consumers? According to Wyzowl’s 2019 marketing report, marketers have reportedly favored video marketing to promote products in the market. Most marketers agree that videos make consumers stay on their website longer, generate a lead and understand the product effectively. 

Now, it is not just marketers but the consumers too! Most consumers (68%) have said that they respond better to product videos, especially when it comes to understanding the product. Moreover, several customers have agreed that the product video prompted them to buy the said product. 

Hence, if you run a small, medium, or large business, investing in video marketing will be beneficial in the long run. Now, there are different types of videos that can be used to market. However, most businesses are inclined to make animated explainer videos

What is an animated explainer video?

Mostly 1 to 2 minutes long, animated explainer videos use different video formats starting from traditional video content to whiteboard animation, 3D or 2D. Animated explainer videos can be displayed on social media, website landing pages, as YouTube ads, during trade shows, and more. 

The main goal of an animated explainer video is to provide product or brand information in simple and easy language using the right audio and visual cues. 

7 Steps to Make Animated Explainer Video

Making an animated explainer video might seem difficult. But with the right elements and techniques at your hand, you can make an animated explainer video. Here are 7 steps to help you effectively make an animated explainer video. 

Decide a video style

Every brand/product is different. Hence, using only an animated video style might not work for your explainer video. There are different explainer video styles that you can choose from. 

For example, you can either choose screencast video, talking head/live action video, or whiteboard animation video style. 

Choosing the video style is critical to developing the right script for the video. 

Write the script

For any explainer video to be a success, having the right script is key. The script will determine the tone of your video. Moreover, the right script combined with the right voice-over will help you create an impact. 

Answer critical product questions in your script. For example, what is the product, who is the target consumer, what/how the product solves the problem, and where should the viewer get started to purchase the product?

Keep your script concise!

Recording and Editing the Audio

Once the script is ready, you need to select the “voice” for your explainer video. Make sure to choose a voice-over who can convey the brand message effectively with the right tone. 

To record the audio, you can either use a recording studio or find a quiet space. Get a high-quality microphone along with recording software and start recording the audio. You will find several paid and free recording software online. 

Once you have recorded the audio, it is time to edit. Use editing software to remove any bad takes, extra background sounds, or anything that you aren’t going to use. 

Creating/Finding Video Assets

This is a step that most people find tough to execute and consider taking help from the outside. However, with the right video creation software, you can find the right images, characters, and graphics for your video.

Finding the right images, graphics and characters will also depend on the type of explainer video style. Whether whiteboard animation, live action, or screencast video style, the choice will depend on the respective style. 

Just make sure not to use complicated characters in the video. Keep it simple and convey the brand message effectively. 

Arrange and edit the video

You have the script as audio, and you have gathered all the required images and characters for the video. Now, it is time to arrange and edit the components. Add animation effects, transitions, and annotations. 

If you don’t know how to do it, you will find several paid and free courses online to learn the tricks. 

Create the first draft and share it with other members of the team for feedback. 

Add music

Music is elemental to create an ambiance and convey emotions. Hence, choose the right music for your explainer animation video. You can find several free and paid music libraries online. For example, you have YouTube audio library, which is a free resource to find the right music for your animated explainer video. 

Host the video and track

Once everything is ready, and you have the approval to publish, you need to host the video on the right platform. This will be based on factors such as where the video will be published and how you can track the performance. 

For example, you can host the video on YouTube. The platform also has an easier way to track the performance and filter the audience. You can easily share the video from YouTube to other platforms too. 

Bottom Line

Animate explainer videos are certainly the way to market your brand and products. And with just 7 steps you can make a striking animated explainer video. However, if you find it difficult or need assistance at any point in your explainer video-making journey, you can get in touch with us at Gisteo. 

At Gisteo, we are passionate about creating explainer videos that offer the gist of your brand message effectively. We offer all types of video styles and production processes along with streamlining your video marketing efforts. 

Contact our team now to learn more.

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