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Guidelines to Follow While Creating an Animation Explainer Video

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The 2020 pandemic severely affected businesses of all sizes and industrial sectors. It not only reduced product sales but also increased the competition in the market. Businesses are currently vying to get their audience’s attention to increase product sales and recover from the pandemic loss. 

Businesses have been looking for an easy opportunity to reach their target audience. And they can do so through mobile devices. The pandemic increased the dependency of people on their mobile phones. Most people these days consume content through their mobile devices. Hence, mobile devices are the easiest way for businesses to promote their products and brand. 

There are different ways businesses can use mobile devices to target their audiences, such as SMS marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. However, video marketing is the most effective way to market a brand and product. 

Gone are the days when people would watch longer videos. With a reduced attention span and lack of time, people prefer watching brand videos that are easy to grasp and of short duration. For example, a cartoon explainer video 30 seconds to 2-minute long is a perfect way to put across a brand message. 

But to make the most of your animated/cartoon explainer videos, you must follow a few guidelines. 

  • Customized Video

Everyone around the world wants customized services that help them fulfill specific needs. The same goes for animated explainer videos. Making customized videos will help you connect with your audience effectively. 

Customization of any animated explainer video will significantly increase the reach and engagement. You can customize different elements of any customized animated video. For example, the animated characters, backgrounds, landscapes, and more. This will allow the audience to relate to the brand in a better way. 

Animated Explainer Video
  • Address Pain Points

Any product your brand offers will help people solve or handle a specific problem. In any animated explainer video, make sure to address those problems and pain points, especially in the beginning. 

This will grab the attention of the audience quickly. And easily convey how the product can help overcome the problem/pain points. Giving a direct, clear, and interesting message will always be beneficial. 

  • Length of the Video

As mentioned above, most people are interested in seeing something that is quick and conveys the message swiftly. Animated explainer videos do the same. Make sure your animated explainer video has the right length. Most animated explainer videos are 30 seconds to 2-minute long. The length of the video will also depend on the platform it will be published. For example, on Instagram, a 30-second video is sufficient. However, for YouTube, you can go up to a 2-minute-long explainer video. 

  • High-Quality Video

Most people these days have easy access to the Internet and want to see videos in high definition. Hence, when you are making animated explainer videos, make sure to create high-quality videos. Different elements, such as the script, voice, and visuals, must be of high quality. Put all your focus and dedication into every step of making an animated explainer video. 

  • Work with a Professional Video Production Company
Animated Explainer Video

Making an animated explainer video can get tricky. If you don’t know how to create an explainer video or don’t have the right resources, you might miss out on the opportunity to promote effectively. 

Hence, in this case, you must get in touch with a professional video production company such as us at Gisteo. We are a professional animated explainer video agency with the right team and resources to create an animated explainer video for your brand. We have the right expertise to streamline the whole process of creating animated explainer videos for any brand. 

Our team will guide you through the whole process and create customized explainer videos for your brand. 

Contact our team now to know more.

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