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Animation Explainer Video Length: Everything You Need to Know

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Most businesses these days rely on video marketing to promote their brands and products. Most importantly, they rely on a cartoon explainer video because these videos are eye-catching and easily grab the viewer’s attention. 

However, the biggest question when making an animated explainer video is, “What is the ideal length of an animated explainer video?”

In this blog post, we will answer this critical question to set you on a video marketing journey that brings you fantastic results. 

3 considerations before making an animated explainer video

Before we tell you the ideal length of an animated explainer video, let’s tell you 3 considerations before creating an animated explainer video. 

  • Don’t rely on just 1 video

If you think making only 1 animated explainer video is enough, think again! Experts suggest that you shouldn’t rely on only 1 video. Instead, use your video to show 2-3 focus points and for more information, create other videos. This way, you won’t bombard the audience with more information than they can comprehend. Your video must be enough to grab your audience’s attention and direct them to other resources if they need more information.

animate explainer video length
  • Shorter the video length, the better

A shorter video will help you save time and money during production. Additionally, you can get the attention of the viewer easily. Through research, we already know that for a video that is longer than 2 minutes, the audience engagement falls from 77% to 57%. So, the shorter the video, the better engagement and reach it will have. 

  • Quickly get to the point

When you are making a shorter animated explainer video, you must get to the point quickly. Ideally, you must take the initial 5-10 seconds of the video to pitch your points. Whether introducing the brand or product, you must put your best in the first few seconds of the video. And always end the video with the right call to action (CTA), which prompts your audience to either know more or buy the product.

What is the ideal length of the animated explainer video?

Any animated explainers video must have a video length of less than 60 seconds or a maximum of 2 minutes. The video length will also vary based on the type of explainer video. Also, the pitch and call to action will determine the overall length of the video. 

However, you need to make sure the length is at least between 60-90 seconds if you want to measure the performance effectively. Here are the different animated explainer video lengths based on their types. 

For Social Media

Since most people use social media, it is only wise to publish animated explainer videos on these platforms. The ideal length suggested by HubSpot is 30 seconds for social media platforms. It is because Instagram videos with high engagement have an average length of 26 seconds. 

For Demo Videos

Although demo videos are meant to explain the product or brand, nobody will stick around to see an elaborate 10-minute video. So, the ideal length for demo videos is 2 minutes. 

For Whiteboard Animation Videos

whiteboard animation explainer video

The ideal length is 30 seconds if you use whiteboard animation videos to explain simpler products and services. However, the ideal length for complicated products and services is 90 seconds.

Bottom Line

Animated explainer videos are a great way to increase your engagement and reach. However, don’t make the mistake of making longer explainer videos. Based on the type of animated explainer video and publishing platform, the ideal length is between 60 seconds to 2 minutes. 

If you want more guidance on making the animated explainer video that suits your brand and products, get in touch with us at Gisteo. We are a leading explainer video company that produces different types of animated explainer videos of the right length for brands of all sizes and industrial sectors. 

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