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9 Reasons Why Animated Explainer Videos are a Better Choice

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Business ideas are complex. And conveying a complex business idea to the target audience gets more difficult. Now, you can use traditional marketing methods to convey your brand image, products, and services to the audience. 

However, in the age of the Internet, social media, and easy access to information, you mustn’t just rely on traditional marketing methods. Rolling out animated explainers videos is a fantastic strategy to boost your marketing. 

An animated explainer video makes it easier for the viewer to transfer information. These videos can get simply a complicated message and make it easier for the viewer to understand and act. 

So, if you have never made an animated explainer video for your brand, now is the time. And here are the top 9 reasons to convince you to get an animated explainer video for your brand. 

Focused, Efficient, and Short

With constant exposure to screens, the attention span of a large population has reduced drastically. This means you need to get the viewer’s attention in just a few seconds. An animated explainer video does this perfectly. 

Ranging from 30 seconds to 2-minute, animated videos are short, focused, and efficient at getting the audience’s attention. In any animated explainer video, you can simply the message and articulate efficiently using characters, sound, and music. 

Animated explainer videos


So, animated explainer videos are, yes, you guessed it right, Animated! Animation gives you a ton of resources and ways to build up funny and relatable characters. Coupled with the killer script and voiceover, these characters can help you send your brand message effectively. 

Also, having action-packed brand videos might not be the right fit for your brand. But animated explainer videos will always be a perfect fit!

Boost Conversion Rates

Generating leads is critical but converting them into successful sales is essential. Only then can your business make a strong footing in the market and increase its profits. 

Animated explainer videos can help you achieve this goal! It has been observed that 65-87% of viewers are more inclined to buy the product after watching a brand video. You wouldn’t want to miss that!


An animated explainer video may be your first interaction with your potential audience. Wouldn’t you want to make a great first impression? Of course, you would! 

Creating a positive brand image for your target audience is crucial to increasing your sales. And an animated explainer video can do that with its upbeat vibes. If you take a look at the number, 97% of viewers were able to understand the product better with a video. When a 30 second explainer video was included on the landing page, the conversions increased by 80%. 

Improve SEO Rankings

Most people search for brands, products, and services using Google search. And hence having a better SEO ranking will help you land in the top search results. It has been observed that videos rank higher in the search results (up to 53 times more likely), according to Forrester Research. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that possibility. 

explainer video

Explain Your Product Effectively

If you want your target audience to buy your products, you need to ensure they understand the product effectively. And an animated explainer video can help you achieve this goal. 

You can have demo videos as animated explainer videos where you can effectively explain the qualities and features of the product. And highlight the problem it can solve for the customers. 

Boost Customer Retention

As mentioned above, videos are 53 times more likely to rank higher organically. This plays straight into the fact that your audience is more likely to find your brand and land on your social media page or website. This will increase the customer retention rate from 8 seconds to 2 minutes. This can give you enough time to ensure that the viewer gets hooked to the brand or product and look for more information to make a final purchase. 

Build Trust

For any business, it is critical to build trust with the audience. Once the trust is built, customers will buy the products and may stay loyal to the brand for years to come. 

And an animated explainer video can help your brand build trust with your audience. You can connect emotionally with your audience, making it easier to build trust. Once the customer is aware that the brand values them, they are more likely to trust the brand. 

Add to Marketing Campaigns

Your brand might already have marketing campaigns in the works. Now, it has been observed that in marketing campaigns that have videos in emails, the click-through rate has increased by 200-300%. 

Animated explainer videos are highly engaging than marketing text. So, you must make them part of your marketing campaigns to increase the chances of its success. 

Bottom Line

Animated explainer videos are an essential part of your marketing efforts. You should do it now if you haven’t invested in animated explainer videos. And you can rely on us at Gisteo to develop a striking animated explainer video. 

As a leading explainer video company, we have previously worked with several brands from all industrial sectors and know what it means to develop an animated explainer video. By knowing your brand, its goals, the message, products, and more, we will make an animated explainer video that will bring results. 

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