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How to Introduce a New Product/Service Using Video and Animation?

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Is your business developing a new product? If so, you might be eager to complete the research and development to formulate the new product for your target market. However, have you thought about how will you market your new product effectively to the target audience?

You must start creating a marketing plan for your new product as soon as the idea is conceptualized. And you must incorporate video and animated explainers video in your marketing efforts.

Here are six awesome video marketing practices that you must include in your new product marketing efforts. 

Video and Email Go Hand in Hand

To improve your new product marketing, you must combine video and email. Animoto has surveyed and found that when email and video are combined, the email open rate increases by 20%. The clickthrough rate will increase by 65%, and the number of un-subscribers will reduce by 26%. 

Also, adding a CTA along with the video in your marketing email will greatly increase views and boost your conversion rates. 

product launch video

Advertise on Twitter and Facebook

If you ask a few experts, they might say advertising has lost its effectiveness. However, by bringing an innovative approach, you can certainly increase the effectiveness of product advertising. 

For example, adding animated explainer videos in your advertisements on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook will make your campaign fresh and attractive. Animated videos are seen to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and increase conversion rates. 

Choose the Right Thumbnail

Whether it is a 30 second explainer video or a 2-minute-long video, the thumbnail is a critical component. The right thumbnail will greatly influence the decision to play a certain animated explainer video. Hence, make sure to develop an engaging and attractive thumbnail. 

Pin the Video on the Top 

Social media platforms have the feature to pin posts and videos on the top of the page—for example, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Hence, you can pin your animated video introducing your new product on the top of the social media page. 

As soon as a potential customer checks out your social media page, they will be able to see the pinned animated video immediately. According to Buffer, by pinning an animated explainer video on the Twitter feed, the conversion rates may increase by 10 times. 

Share Your Product Video

An animated explainer video gives you an easy way to share it on different social media platforms. This allows you to market your new product on different platforms to different audiences. This will surely increase your conversion rates and boost your sales. 

The best way to get the most out of sharing your product video is to find which platform has your target audience. Once you know the platform with your target audience, you can share the product video on the said platform. 

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Play the Product Video at an Event

You might attend different events such as meetings, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, and more. Playing your animated explainer videos at such events will definitely give it exposure. 

Bottom Line

Video marketing is a great way to promote a new product effectively. Combining these six video marketing practices will boost your conversion rates and, thus, your sales. 

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