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Whiteboard Animation Video: What It Is? And How to Make One?

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Brands are competing to get the attention of their potential audience. Moreover, with a possible recession looming over international markets, brands want to make the most of the current time. 

In such a scenario, brands are investing in major marketing efforts to woe their audience and make as much profit as possible. Since most people have easy access to the Internet and they use mobile devices to search for brands and products, it is the best way to target the potential audience. 

And whiteboard animation has a lot of potential to become a brand’s go-to marketing option. When it comes to animated explainers videos, whiteboard animation plays a significant role.  

In this blog post, we will explain what whiteboard animation is, along with how you can make one. We will also briefly discuss the reasons and benefits of choosing whiteboard animation for your brand. 

Whiteboard Animation: What is it?

In simpler terms, whiteboard animation mimics how an artist draws illustrations on a whiteboard. While drawing those illustrations, an idea or plot point is revealed. For brands, it can be the product, service, brand story, and more such elements. 

Whiteboard animation has been around for a long time. People used real whiteboards to explain products and services. However, with advancements in digital technology, animated whiteboard and drawing hands are added to the video. 

Whiteboard Animation Video

Reason to Choose Whiteboard Animation

  • One of the major reasons to choose whiteboard animation for your marketing campaign is its educational potential. When a brand wants to deliver a complex idea, using whiteboard animation allows them to easily lay out the idea piece by piece, making it easier to understand. Using this animation video, you can convey a lot of information in short. 
  • Since whiteboard animation uses creative illustrations to convey complex ideas and processes, it is the best choice for brands selling high-tech services and products. This increases the engagement rate and helps generate leads. 

Benefits of Choosing Whiteboard Animation

  • Whiteboard animated videos are highly flexible. Hence, you can use them on any of the website pages. For example, you can use them on the website homepage, products page, landing pages, social media pages, and more. 
  • Whiteboard animated videos are highly entertaining. Hence, they have a high viewer engagement, in turn generating more leads. 
  • As a brand, you want your audience to remember you and your product. And whiteboard animation can help you achieve it. They are easy to remember and hence increase the chances of a customer buying from your brand. 
  • Lastly, whiteboard animation creates properly distributed illustrations of a complex idea. This makes it easier for brand followers to share on social media platforms. 

How to Create Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard Animation Video

Follow these steps to create whiteboard animation for your brand.

  • Start with the Script. A solid script will tell what your product is, how it can help the customer solve a problem and why they should buy it. A good script will make it easier to plan your further steps. Moreover, the script must have an educational tone.  
  • Create a Storyboard. Once you have written the script, you must create a storyboard efficiently describing each element of your video. This is important for everyone involved in promotional video production
  • Include Three Hallmarks of Whiteboard Animation. When you start creating whiteboard animated videos, you must include a whiteboard, an interconnected drawing explaining the essential elements, and lastly, a drawing hand.  
  • Include Fun Elements. Your whiteboard animation must be educational but not boring! You can include fun elements such as funny characters, designs, fonts, colors, logos, and sounds. 
  • Keep it Short. Make a short and crisp whiteboard animated video. Don’t drag the video too long; otherwise, your audience will lose interest. And you surely don’t want that. 

Bottom Line

Whiteboard animation is one of the ways to use animation in your marketing. These videos can convey complex ideas in simpler language using fun characters. Being highly engaging, your audience can easily remember the brand message and make a purchase. 

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