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3 Key Stages of Video Production You Should Know

Video marketing is one of the crucial aspects of a business marketing campaign. Whether your business is small, medium, or large, video marketing will greatly help you reach your target audience, generate leads, and increase conversion. 

To make an effective video for your marketing campaign, it is always great to know the video production process. Whether you are making 30 second explainer videos or a 2-minute long, full action-packed video ad, you will follow the same video production process. Knowing the process can greatly help you make your video production efficient. 

Here are the three key stages of video production. 

Stage1: Pre-Production

pre production

In this first stage, you need to create a complete video production plan. It will include the following.

  • Start by making a video brief. This will include components such as your target audience, video goals, budget, video message, and deadline. This will also include performance metrics to determine the success of the video. 
  • Write the script. This includes several elements of how the video will be made. For example, scene description, dialogues, the core message, and how the video will run. The script is a step-by-step instruction of how the video will be narrated. 
  • List the talent and equipment needed. You need to make a complete list of actors and other production talent needed to produce the video. You also need to list all the equipment and props needed for the video. 

Stage2: Production

This is the stage where you will start shooting your video. You have everything ready. Your script, the equipment, the actors, and the brief. Now, it’s time to get down to shooting your video. Here’s what you need to prepare for a successful production. 

video production
  • Lights. You need to set up the lights effectively to ensure that each scene has the right light effect. Set up the light before you actually begin shooting the video. 
  • Camera. Set up your camera to shoot the video from different angles. Take your time to set the camera up efficiently. Whether it is an animated explainer video or promotional video production, the right camera angles can make all the difference. You can hire a professional cinematographer for the same. 
  • Team control. To ensure smooth video production, you need to ensure that your team is in control. Control how the team delivers the script because it can have a huge effect on your overall video. 

Stage3: Post-Production

Once you have shot your video, now is the time to develop the final footage of the video. 

  • Edit. Start by editing your video. Remove any scenes/clips that aren’t relevant to the video. Merge the clips and scenes that make your video highly effective. 
  • Music, graphics, and effects. Once you have stitched your video together, start by adding music, graphics, and other effects. This will take your video to the next level. 
  • Footage coloring. Color your video footage based on your video goals. You can either use software such as Adobe Photoshop Pro or hire a professional for footage coloring. 
  • Video rendering. Now that your video has all the aspects for creating an awesome impact on your audience, it is time to render it. Based on the platform you want to publish the video, you need to decide on the format. For example, Facebook, and YouTube, require videos in mp4 format. For Instagram, the video must be cropped to fit the vertical aspect ratio. 
video post production

Bottom Line

The video production process is definitely complicated. You might need expert assistance to successfully carry out these three key stages. And hence, you can take the help of an explainer video production company such as us at Gisteo.

We are one of the leading companies that can provide you with professional and experienced assistance in creating explainer videos for your brand. We have worked with several small, medium, and large companies in the region to create impactful explainer videos. 

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Stephen Conley

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