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5 Types of Videos You Can Use to Increase Sales

Do you know that most Internet users spend about 2.5 hours a day watching videos? 

If not, you must know this striking statistic because you can use it to your business advantage. This statistic clearly shows that people prefer watching videos over reading blogs and articles or listening to audio content. 

And rightly so, videos such as 30 second explainer videos have a great auditory and visual impact on the viewers. Hence, viewers can remember it for a long time, enough to influence their purchasing behavior. 

So, if you haven’t included video marketing as part of your campaign, you should do it now. It will not only help you attract the attention of the target audience, but it will also help you increase sales. A 2022 survey done by Wyzowl shows that 81% of marketers saw a boost in sales due to video marketing.  

Clearly, it can help any brand from any industrial sector make a strong impact. But before you jump to video marketing, knowing the different types of videos used for video marketing will greatly help you choose the one that will work with your brand. 

There are five types of popular videos to use for video marketing. 

Product Videos

These videos are simply a way to tell your audience what your product is and what it does. The video will tell different features of the product and how it can solve a problem most customers are finding a solution for. 

For example, a product video from Blendtec simply shows the features of the blender they offer. In the video, you can see what things a blender can blend for you. This simply can inspire people to buy a new blender if they know it solves their purpose. 

Demo Videos

product demo videos

If your company offers technology, software, or an app, demo videos are a good choice. Such a video will walk the audience through the different features and steps to use the said technology, software, or app. 

Your customers will learn how to use your product effectively. In fact, Wyzowl’s 2002 survey also showed that 96% of the audience watched animated explainers videos to learn about the product. 

Upselling Videos

Your business not only wants to bring in new customers but also wants to retain old customers. You want your former customers to buy the same or more products from you. 

And for the same, you can use upselling videos. These videos will add information to already existing product info to attract the attention of former customers. This will increase your sales. 

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos

Most people these days buy products online. Hence, having social proof of your product will be helpful. That’s where testimonial videos come into play. 

Testimonial videos include loyal customers providing information such as why they chose the product along with how it helped them solve a specific problem. About 62% of people prefer watching product review videos before they make the final purchase. 

So, testimonial videos will surely increase your sales. 

“How-to” videos

If you know you are selling a complex product and your audience will need guidance on how to use it, you must make a “how-to” video. 

In this video, you can tell step-by-step how to use the product and its applications in detail. This will not only increase your sales but will also help you reduce customer support questions. 

Bottom Line

Any business aims to increase its sales and develop a long-lasting relationship with new and old customers. And video marketing can greatly help you. 

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Stephen Conley

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