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7 Tips to Make Sure Your Sales Video is a Success

Video marketing is clearly winning amongst the different marketing strategies used by brands. Hence, making valuable marketing videos is critical to generate leads and increase conversion rates thus increasing sales. Whether it is an animated explainers video or a corporate video, investing in video marketing will greatly help your brand. 

However, it is not just about creating a promotional video for marketing. It must be easily marketable for your brand. It should be able to deliver marketing benefits to your brand, especially increase your sales. 

Here are 7 tips to ensure you create a video that helps you increase your sales. 

Tip1: Use YouTube

Don’t skip using YouTube to post your sales video. It is one of the most popular video streaming platforms all around the world. Hence, you must post your promotional video on YouTube.

Sales Video success tips

Moreover, using YouTube is absolutely free. It is also easy to set up your YouTube account. Also, there is no limit on the number of videos you can post on the platform. It is also a great tool to post videos especially if you want to embed the video on your business website or landing pages. 

Tip2: Choose the optimal video length

When you are working on promotional video production, you must always consider the video length. 

You might think a longer video with a lot of information will be a good choice. However, this is not the case! In fact, keeping your video shorter with only critical information will be the best way to go. Your video must have the most important information enticing enough to prompt your audience to know more. 

It has been observed that a video of 2 minutes or below is the best video length to make an impressionable video. 

Tip3: Shareability

Don’t just focus on making the video and posting. Instead, also focus on making it easily shareable. Also, shareability doesn’t only depend on providing a share button to post on other platforms. It also includes video content worth enough sharing. 

promotional video production

It has been observed that videos with awesome storytelling along with excellent emotional connections are shared more as compared to overly promotional videos. So, focus on shareability from all aspects. 

Tip4: Optimize the video

Before you post your video on YouTube, make sure to optimize it. There are millions of videos on YouTube, however, your video must move ahead of the competition. Hence, optimize the video using the right keywords, engaging thumbnails, and tagging with the right hashtags. This will increase your engagement and thus sales. 

Tip5: Mobile responsive

Most people these days consume content through their mobile devices. So, chances are your target audience will see your video using a mobile device. Hence, making it mobile-responsive is important. 

Mobile responsive videos play efficiently on different screen sizes, and appropriate sounds (or no sound), and will be easily shareable. 

Tip6: Personalization

Most people these days focus on personalized services and products. So, why not make personalized videos? 

These personalized videos will be part of your email marketing. You can send personalized videos to your customers while mentioning products, offers, discounts, sales, and more. Personalized videos were done by brands like Lenovo which quadrupled their sales over time. 

Tip7: Provide call-to-action (CTAs)

sales video production

Never forget to provide call-to-action (CTAs) with your videos. Call-to-action is important to prompt your audience to get the ball rolling. These buttons will tell your audience where to go to know more about the product, to buy the product, to know more about sales and discount offers, and more. 

Bottom Line

Increasing your sales is the ultimate goal with promotional videos. But to make it more effective, you must follow these 7 tips. And if you want to know more about promotional video production, you can get in touch with us at Gisteo. 

We are a leading explainer video company providing the service of promotional video production for brands from all industrial sectors and sizes. 

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