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Animated Explainer Videos for Marketers, by Marketers

Delivering superior animated explainer videos and marketing videos…since 2011.  Transparent pricing starting at $3,500.

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The Gist of Our Philosophy

“At Gisteo, we’re marketers first and foremost– not just animators.  Great explainer and marketing videos start with a full understanding of your target, value proposition and objectives…followed by a compelling script that helps people understand what you do and why you matter. Animation, while important, is simply a tool bring all this to life.”

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A Sampling Of Our Styles

Good gisteos are like snowflakes- no two are exactly alike. Unlike snowflakes, however, our animated videos don’t melt unless you place your device in a microwave (not recommended).  Below are some 90 second highlight reels of our main styles. Check out the Portfolio section for much more.

Cartoon Style

Engaging cartoon explanations & stories