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Gisteo creates best-in-class video app explainer videos.  Since 2011, we’ve worked with Total Transparency to help companies of all types pitch their apps and better connect with their audiences.

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Animated explainer videos

What We Do

Gisteo specializes in animated marketing and explainer videos of all types and styles. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of creating countless app explainer videos for companies in the US and abroad. Our app explainer videos help your audience better understand why your app exists, what it does and why they need to download it.

Unlike live action videos that depend on actors, sets, and costly productions, our animated app videos give you total freedom and flexibility when telling your story.  You can explain your value proposition using whatever situation, environment, character or treatment you want..while saving serious money vs. a typical live action production.

App explainer videos: do’s and don’ts

Here are a few guidelines for creating effective app videos


  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Create a nice flow of imagery and keep it dynamic.
  • Showcase screenshots when possible.
  • Frame your messaging in terms of the benefits to the end user.
  • Follow the App Store (iOS) and/or Google Play (Android) guidelines


  • Bore your audience with too many details. Get to the point!
  • Linger for too long on any one image or screen.
  • Use cheesy do-it-yourself templates.
  • Use own voice over unless you’ve got talent & a great mic!
  • Write your own script and direct the video…without experience.

A sampling of Gisteo’s app explainer videos

Here are just a few of our many app explainers and app demo video productions. Make sure you check out our Portfolio page to review a wide range of our animated marketing videos, product videos and explainer videos of all types, organized by style.

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