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Why You Need An App Explainer Video

Gisteo specializes in animated marketing and explainer videos of all types and styles. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of creating countless app explainer videos and mobile app demo videos. Our app explainer videos help users better understand why your app exists, what it does and why they need to download it.

5 Keys To Creating An Effective App Explainer Video

1 The shorter, the better:

This isn’t a video version of “War & Peace.” An app explainer video is meant to present your app’s value proposition in a succinct way. The only exception to this would be a more in-depth tutorial video but, even then, stick to the highlights or you’ll risk having viewers click that nasty “X” button.

2 Keep it simple:

You want them to get the “gist” (pun sort of intended) but you shouldn’t overwhelm your audience with an endless laundry list of features or unnecessary complexity.

3 Have some fun:

Add some entertainment value and humor to your app explainer video and you’ll likely increase both smiles and sales.

4 Show your app in action:

give viewers a sense of the user experience by showing the app in action on a smartphone or tablet. Again, it doesn’t have to be a 21-step tutorial. Oftentimes, just showing a few key screenshots is enough for them to get it.

5 Call to action:

don’t forget the all-important CTA at the end of the video. Tell them what to do and where to download the app (Google Play, App Store etc.). If you have a free version to try out, let you audience know.

A Sampling Of Our App Explainer Videos

Here are just a few of our many app explainer videos or mobile app demo video productions.  Make sure you check out our Portfolio page to review a wide range of our animated marketing videos, corporate videos, product videos and explainer videos of all types, organized by style.

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