Animated Promotional Video

 Our animated promo videos are designed to pitch your business with pizzazz. Learn more about our services here.

What we do

At Gisteo, we produce a wide range of animated promo videos for businesses, apps, services and more.  Promotional videos are normally short, engaging pieces that pitch your value proposition in an engaging way.

Unlike live-action videos that depend on actors, sets, and costly productions, our animated promo videos give you total freedom and flexibility when telling your story.  You can explain what makes you unique using whatever situation, environment, character or treatment you want..while saving serious money vs. a typical live-action production.

Keys to creating effective animated promo videos

Speak to the needs of your target audience

Who is your ideal customer?  What to they need?  You want to make your audience feel like you’re speaking directly to them with your animated promo video.

Craft an effective script

Consider beginning with the “What:” what is the problem for your audience that will be solved with your offering? Then, the middle of the narrative should answer the “How:” how can your product or service help your audience or solve their problems. And finally, the “Why:” why should they choose you instead of the competition?

Keep it short and sweet

Animated promotional videos aren’t supposed to be in-depth explainers. You don’t need to get into intricate details about every aspect or benefit. Stick to the highlights and try not to go over 90 seconds.

Add continual movement and variety

Animated promo videos need to be dynamic. Static images will bore your audience. Avoid long pauses or lifeless visuals that hang on the screen too long. This is not a PowerPoint presentation so don’t treat it like one!

Close with a bang

End your animated promo video with a call-to-action.  Make it clear what you want your audience to do next at the end of your video.  Promotional videos need to do more than just inform- you need sales.  Follow the “ABC” rule discussed by Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross: Always Be Closing!

A sampling of our animated promo videos

Below are just a few examples of our animated promotional video work. Be sure to review our Portfolio page for diverse styles of animated videos, for all kinds of different sectors.

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