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What are app demo videos?

An app demo video, sometimes referred to as an app explainer video, is a brief video that presents the features, functionality, and user experience of a mobile or web application. It provides a visual demonstration of the app’s operation, emphasizing essential features, navigation, and interactions. 

These videos are commonly employed for promotional purposes, marketing campaigns, or when pitching to potential investors or users. App demo videos offer a concise and engaging overview of how a mobile or desktop app functions and the benefits it offers.

What are the most common types of app demo videos?

App demo videos come in two primary types: screencast-type demos and animated demos. 

Screencast demos showcase app usage by capturing or the actual screen interactions and functionality. Real UI screenshots are utilized in this approach.

On the other hand, animated demos recreate the app’s interface using illustration software. This approach offers greater creative control, allowing individual elements to be animated with smooth transitions and visual effects. It also that the video will have a more “evergreen” quality about as this style won’t be impacted by a UI redesign

App demo videos

What are the benefits of app demo video production?

App demo video production

A mobile app or software demo video provides numerous advantages for your app. It offers a visually engaging method to present your app’s features, functionality, and user experience, simplifying comprehension and showcasing its value to potential users or investors. 

App demo videos also play a pivotal role in establishing credibility and trust by demonstrating the app’s capabilities in action. Moreover, these videos have the potential to capture attention, generate interest, and boost app downloads or user conversions. This ultimately contributes to the app’s success.

App demo production examples

Check out a few of the  app demo videos that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!


Quick app demo for this team sports management app

Media Radar

Part of a series of web app demos for a media software platform


Animated app explainer video for a season ticket management provider

Part of a series of animated demos for their software application


Animated app demo for car buying software


Demo explainer video for an app specialized in booking private jet flights


Showcasing key features of this app to help music creators sell their music


Animated demo for healthcare member plan


Kinetic type demo video for hotel food ordering app


Web app tutorial educating user on how to use this advertising platform

App demo video production FAQs

Where can I use my completed app demo video?
Once your app demo video is ready, you can leverage it across multiple platforms and channels to maximize its reach and effectiveness. Some key ways to utilize it include featuring it on your app’s website or landing page, sharing it on popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, including it within your app’s listing on app stores, incorporating it into your email marketing campaigns, using it for presentations or pitches to potential investors or partners, and even showcasing it at industry events or conferences.
Do you offer screen recording services for app demo videos?

Yes, when we produce screen-recorded app explainer videos, we handle the entire video creation process, from screen recording to editing. Another common option is to gather your individual screenshots that we then incorporate into our animation software for production. 


What information do we need to supply Gisteo to get started on our app demo video production?

To initiate your video project, we’ll request you to fill out a brief form and schedule a kick-off call, setting your project in motion. Additionally, we typically require access to a demo account that allows us to explore your app thoroughly or we’ll need you to supply key screenshots for us to us in production. Apart from that, we’ll rely on your feedback and approval at each stage of the process


How should I choose which app features to highlight in my demo video?

When determining which app features to feature in your mobile app or software demo video, the aim is to select those that most effectively demonstrate the app’s distinct value and essential functionality. While you may already have your own insights, it’s beneficial to consider user reviews to identify frequently praised features and functionalities that users find most valuable. Our team can also provide valuable input however it’s important not to attempt to cover too many features simultaneously. Highlighting several genuinely exciting features typically results in a more compelling app explainer video than trying to showcase 10 average ones.


I have a physical product that I want to showcase in a video. Can you help with that?

Certainly! Please visit our product demo video production page for more information and details.


What makes a great app demo video?

To create a remarkable app demo video, several key elements come into play. Firstly, it should start with a compelling introduction that captures viewers’ attention within the first few seconds. The video should also effectively showcase the most critical features that leave a lasting impact on potential users, demonstrating how the app resolves their challenges and aids them in achieving their objectives. Smooth flow and logical presentation of the app’s functionality are essential for clarity and understanding. The finest app explainer videos incorporate engaging visuals, seamless transitions, and a friendly voiceover or text overlay to effectively convey the app’s benefits.


Can you produce app demo videos in multiple languages for international audiences?

Yes! We have the capability to localize and translate your content to cater to global audiences. We’ve created videos in over 12 different languages over the years.


How much does an app demo video cost?
The cost of an app demo video can fluctuate based primarily on the video’s duration. While finding out pricing can be tricky with some of our competitors, we’re very transparent here at Gisteo. Check out our pricing page for our rates, typical turnaround times and more. You may also want to review the information on our Gisteo MAX membership program if you’re considering doing multiple productions. 

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