Total Transparency: Our Guarantee

Explainer video services, minus the hassles

Getting an explainer video created can be a frustrating journey into the unknown. From pricing and revision policies to timelines and more…the process with many companies is a black box that often leaves customers scratching their head and praying for the best.

At Gisteo, we believe in Total Transparency. We’ve been practicing “radical transparency” since opening our doors in 2011 and it’s way we’ll always do here. It’s better for our customers because everything is straightforward and easy-to-understand and it’s better for us. Clarity eliminates confusion and ultimately leads to plenty of referrals/repeat business. We’re not looking to just make a “quick buck” with our explainer video services. We’re in this for the long-haul and operating with Total Transparency is just part of our DNA.

Total Transparency– Pricing

If you’re researching explainer video companies, you’ve likely found it next to impossible to figure out how much your production will cost, at least from the more reputable firms that do quality work.  Most companies prefer to capture your email address first or size you up first before giving you a quote…which we think is nonsense.

At Gisteo, we don’t want to waste anyone’s time and we feel it’s your right to know what a company charges for their services.  We clearly display pricing parameters for our standard productions so you know our rates upfront, minus the gimmicks.

Total Transparency– Portfolio

Some explainer video services show you just a few examples of what they think is their best work in the hope that you “bite.”  Or, worse yet, they only show you a few examples because they’re newbies and don’t yet have a track record. It can be hard to understand what different styles they specialize in (if indeed they can produce more than one style) and how those styles may or may not align with their pricing structure, assuming you’re able to get a quote out of them.

At Gisteo, we proudly display countless examples of work we’ve done for clients in diverse categories.  We break down our Portfolio samples by style, with a clear description of each different style.  We want to make it super easy for you to understand the breadth of work we’ve done and what we can do for you.  If you’re looking for a production that is beyond our capabilities or beyond our standard budget we’ll say so with complete candor.  Unlike others, we’re not in the business of overpromising and underdelivering.

Total Transparency– Proposals

Getting started with Gisteo is a snap. Once we speak with to better understand your needs, video goal length etc., we’ll send you a proposal that clearly outlines the terms.  Pricing won’t be a surprise since you’ve already seen that on our site so we just formalize this in a transparent proposal.  Apart from the pricing and payment terms, our proposal details the deliverables you should expect at each stage of the process along with timelines for these deliverables.

Total Transparency– Process

Once the proposal is approved and we kick things off, we don’t just disappear for a few weeks and leave you in the lurch.  You form an active part of each step of our straightforward process, from beginning to end.  For each deliverable along the way, you’ll provide feedback and we’ll make revisions accordingly.  Unlike other companies, we aren’t looking to “nickel and dime” with revisions so there is no charge for revisions, as long as they’re requested before we move on to the subsequent project stage.  Since you’re in the loop throughout the entire process, there are no surprises at the end, except good ones when you see everything come together in final production!

Total Transparency = Totally Refreshing

Like our no B.S., radically transparent style for delivering explainer video services?  Want to discuss an upcoming project?  Just contact us now or book a meeting below!