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Since 2011, Gisteo has been crafting freakishly effective motion graphics explainer videos.  We combine animated graphic elements with color and motion to deliver multi-media bombs of clarity.


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What are motion graphics explainer videos?

Motion graphics explainer videos are videos that use predominantly use artwork and moving graphics.  Think graphic design meets video. Unlike other 2D style explainers, characters are skipped or play a minor role in motion graphics.  

In these videos, graphics will morph, shift and transition into other things. The emphasis is often on more abstract concepts with a focus on facts, ideas and processes.


What are the main benefits of using motion graphics?

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing a video style. It all depends on your brand, overall objectives and personal tastes.  Here are some reasons why you might consider a motion graphics explainer over other video styles.

  1. Effective for simplifying: the motion graphics style is excellent for tackling complex ideas: it makes abstract and difficult concepts easier to digest for viewers.
  2. Professional look: many brands don’t want an overly cartoonish look. Motion graphics look “grown up” and corporate without running the risk of making your production seem childish in any way.
  3. Comparatively affordable: motion graphics productions are much faster, more efficient and affordable than live-action productions, which require actors, sets, film crews etc.
  4. Flexible: motion graphics explainer videos combine well with real images and video clips should you want to include screenshots of your interface, headshots of team members, customer testimonial clips, etc.

Motion graphics explainer video examples

Motion graphics is one of our most popular styles here at Gisteo. Here’s a quick look at some of the many motion graphics explainers that we’ve produced. Be sure to visit our Portfolio page to review a wide range of our animated explainer videos, organized by style.

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Before producing animated explainer videos, Stephen worked at some of the world’s top advertising agencies. Since then, he’s worked with countless start-ups and leading brands during his 11+ years running Gisteo…so he knows his stuff when it comes to motion graphics explainer videos as well as branding and marketing in general!

Motion graphics explainer video faqs

How much does a motion graphics explainer video cost?

Wyzowl conducts a yearly study to determine global industry average price of explainer videos in general.  In 2023, they determined that price to be over $8,000. You can see the full research study here to find out how they came to this conclusion! Gisteo focuses on value-for-money and our videos are considerably more affordable than these averages, which can be skewed by high-priced companies.  It’s always a good idea to do your homework before making a decision on who to work with.

What other animation styles can be used in explainer videos?

Animation in general is amazingly flexible. It lends itself to diverse style choices when producing explainer videos– including 2D, 3D, kinetic typography, mixed media, whiteboard animation and more. Live-action explainer videos are also a great choice depending on your budget and needs.  So if the motion graphics approach isn’t ideal for you, no worries– there are still plenty of alternatives!

What's the process like and how long does it take?

The turnaround time for motion graphics explainer video production can vary somewhat based on factors like complexity or the length of your explainer video. At Gisteo, we typically deliver videos within 4-5 weeks, from start to finish.  For shorter videos or expedited projects which we call “Fast Pass,” we can complete them in as little as 2 weeks. 

Why choose Gisteo for your next motion graphics video project?

We launched our company in 2011, making us literally one of the most experienced explainer video production companies on the planet. To date, we’ve completed over 3,000 projects for thousands of clients across the world. We’ve got a proven process, affordable rates and an impeccable track record. Click here for more information on why we may be the best choice for you. 

How do motion graphics explainer videos help your website?

Motion graphics can add flair and excitement to a website, making it more engaging for visitors. They can be used to highlight products, simplify complex info, and guide user actions, all while boosting brand image. By adding animated elements, a website becomes more interactive and memorable, improving both its look and performance.

Where else can I use motion graphics videos?

Besides your website, motion graphics can jazz up social media posts, making them more eye-catching and shareable. Motion graphics are great for video ads, explainer videos, and presentations to make your message stand out. In mobile apps, they can create engaging user experiences. You can also use them in digital billboards, trade show exhibits, and educational content to make a lasting impression.

Video types/uses to consider for your marketing needs

There are countless styles and uses for Gisteo videos and almost all can utilize motion graphics. Explore this infographic to learn more about the top 20 video types you can leverage to enhance your marketing or branding efforts.

Praise for Gisteo

Our motion graphics explainer videos and marketing videos of all types have garnered some huge praise over the years. Countess clients have left us amazing reviews on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Check out our Praise page for more of the stuff that makes us blush!