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What are 3D animation videos?

3D animation videos are a type of digital animation that creates moving images in a three-dimensional environment. Unlike 2D animations, which are flat and have only height and width, 3D animations add depth, making the visuals appear more lifelike and realistic. This technique allows characters, objects, and scenes to be rotated and viewed from every angle, providing a more immersive and dynamic visual experience.

The ability to create detailed and realistic animations makes 3D animation videos particularly effective for storytelling, explaining complex processes, visualizing products in marketing, and creating engaging entertainment content.

3d animation video production

The benefits of 3D animation videos

3D animation offers several compelling benefits that can enhance marketing, communication, product development, and training efforts. Here are some of the key advantages for businesses:

Enhanced Product Visualization: 3D animation allows businesses to showcase their products in a highly detailed and realistic manner. This can include demonstrating how a product works, its features, and even how it can be assembled or disassembled, providing customers with a clear understanding of what’s being offered.

Effective Marketing and Advertising: Through engaging and visually appealing animations, businesses can create more impactful marketing and advertising campaigns. 3D animations can help stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Improved Training and Education: For businesses that require complex training sessions for their employees, 3D animation can simplify the learning process. It can be used to create realistic training materials that simulate real-life scenarios, making it easier for employees to understand and retain information.

Innovative Product Demonstrations: 3D animations can bring innovative products to life, especially those that are still in the conceptual or development stage. This allows businesses to present future projects to investors or customers in a tangible way, generating interest and excitement ahead of launch.

Competitive Advantage: By leveraging 3D animation, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors, offering a more sophisticated and high-tech image. This can be particularly beneficial in industries where innovation and technological advancement are key to attracting customers.

3D animation video production examples

Check out a few of our 3D animated explainer videos that we’ve created for clients below. You can review lots more of our work here


3D animated commercial for a junk removal company


3D animation for an NFT blockchain company


3D explainer for wheel alignment solution


3D walkthrough for a desiccant air conditioning product

3D animation video production faqs

Why Should I Choose a 3D Animation Video for My Brand?

Choosing a 3D animation video for your brand offers a powerful and immersive way to communicate complex ideas in a visually stunning and memorable manner. This style excels at bringing abstract concepts, services, or products to life, making them more relatable and visually captivating for your audience. The depth and realism provided by 3D animation ensure that these videos can closely reflect your brand identity, creating a cohesive and impactful viewing experience.

What Are the Benefits of 3D Animation Over Other Video Types?

3D animations are particularly effective at presenting information with a depth of realism and detail that other video types can’t match, making them ideal for demonstrating services or products in a dynamic and engaging way. The flexibility in camera angles and animation techniques allows for a visual style, tone, and messaging that can be uniquely tailored to your brand, offering a distinctive and consistent brand experience that stands out from other formats.

What Is the Typical Timeline for Creating a 3D Animation Video?

The production timeline for a 3D animation video typically ranges from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the project’s complexity and specific requirements. This includes stages from the initial concept and scriptwriting to modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, lighting, and rendering, ensuring the delivery of a polished and effective message that resonates with your brand.

How Much Does a 3D Animation Video Cost?

The cost of a 3D animation video is influenced by factors such as the video’s length, complexity, and level of detail required. While there are options for varying budgets, partnering with professionals ensures a high-quality result that aligns with your brand’s vision. Companies like Gisteo are committed to delivering exceptional value and quality in our 3D video productions. While we like to maintain transparent pricing for most of our productions, the complexity of our 3D work requires a custom quote. 

As a Brand Marketer, What Other Types of Videos Should I Consider for My Marketing Strategy?

In addition to 3D animation videos, your marketing strategy can benefit from a diverse range of video types, such as live-action productions for a human touch, 2D explainer videos for visually simpler concepts, testimonial videos to build trust, and onboarding videos to enhance user experience. Incorporating various types of video content can increase engagement and provide a fuller picture of your brand to your audience.

What Are the Steps in Producing a 3D Animation Video?

Producing a 3D animation video involves several key steps: starting with a discovery phase to understand your brand and objectives, followed by scriptwriting, concept art, 3D modeling (if you don’t already provide your own CAD files), texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, and finally, post-production. Each stage is crucial for creating a video that effectively communicates your message and engages your target audience. You are welcome to book a consultation through the calendar below to discuss your project’s specific requirements in more detail.


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