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Since 2011, Gisteo has been crafting custom tutorial videos and how-to videos to help you showcase your offering step-by-step and clarify your offering!



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What are tutorial videos?

Tutorial videos, often referred to as How-to-Videos, are centered around explaining a process step by step. While their length may vary, they usually run around 2 minutes or longer.

The primary objective of these videos is to provide viewers with a visual representation of your product’s appearance and functionality. By doing so, they aim to spark excitement and encourage viewers to take the next step toward making a final purchase decision.

What are the most common types of tutorial videos?

How-to videos and tutorial videos come in many shapes and sizes, but the following are the most common types that we produce here at Gisteo:

1. Product or App Demos:

  • Showcase your product’s features and benefits.
  • Guide users on how to make the most of it.

2. Software Tutorials:

  • Simplify complex software or app usage.
  • Provide step-by-step instructions.

3. How-To Guides:

  • Teach viewers practical skills and projects.
  • Share valuable insights and knowledge.

4. Educational Tutorials:

  • Support learning and understanding.
  • Explain academic concepts with clarity.
Tutorial videos

What are the benefits of tutorial video production?


Here are just a few of the main benefits of tutorial videos:

Educate Customers: Tutorial videos are a valuable tool for delighting existing customers by offering support and helping them understand the value of your product or service, ultimately increasing their intent to make additional purchases.

Enhanced Understanding: Tutorial videos are typically presented in a explainer video format. We often use voice-over narration and on-screen text to enhance viewer comprehension, making it easier for them to follow along.

Sharing information: Tutorial videos find their place on product pages, but their reach extends beyond. They can be shared on social media, included in order confirmation emails, or distributed by sales and support teams to individual customers, ensuring valuable information is readily accessible.

Tutorial video production examples

Check out a few of the tutorial videos or how-to videos that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!


One of a series of how-to videos for employees at a mortgage company

Media Radar

Part of a series of how-to videos for a media software platform


Tutorial series for customers of this programmatic ad platform


Part of a series of animated tutorials for their software application


Animated how-to video for car buying software


Animated explainertutorial for healthcare membership plan

Tutorial video production FAQs

Where can I use my completed tutorial video?
You can share your tutorial video on various platforms for maximum impact. Embed it on product pages, post it on social media, include it in email marketing campaigns, or use it for customer support. It’s a valuable resource for sales presentations, knowledge bases, blog posts, and employee training. You can also feature it in webinars, trade shows, and conferences, and even consider using it in YouTube advertising campaigns. Strategically placing your tutorial video across these channels enhances engagement, educates your audience, and strengthens your brand presence.
Do you offer screen recording services for tutorial videos?

Yes, when we produce screen-recorded tutorial videos, we handle the entire video creation process, from screen recording to editing. Another common option is to gather your individual screenshots that we then incorporate into our animation software for production. 


What information do we need to supply Gisteo to get started on our how-to video production?

To initiate your video project, we’ll request you to fill out a brief form and schedule a kick-off call, setting your project in motion. Additionally, we typically require access to a demo account that allows us to explore your app thoroughly or we’ll need you to supply key screenshots for us to us in production. Apart from that, we’ll rely on your feedback and approval at each stage of the process


How should I choose which features to highlight in my tuturial video?

When determining which features to showcase in your tutorial or how-to video, the aim is to select those that most effectively demonstrate your platform’s distinct value and essential functionality. While you may already have your own insights, it’s beneficial to consider user reviews to identify frequently praised features and functionalities that users find most valuable or that users find the most challenging. Our team can also provide valuable input however it’s important not to attempt to cover too many features simultaneously. It’s better to create a series of shorter videos vs. a single tutorial video that tries to do too much. 

 I have a physical product that I want to showcase in a video tutorial. Can you help with that?

Certainly! Please visit our product demo video production page for more information and details.

Can you produce tutorial videos in multiple languages for international audiences?

Yes! We have the capability to localize and translate your content to cater to global audiences. We’ve created videos in over 12 different languages over the years.

How much does a tutorial video cost?
The cost of a tutorial video or how-to video can fluctuate based primarily on the video’s duration. While finding out pricing can be tricky with some of our competitors, we’re very transparent here at Gisteo. Check out our pricing page for our rates, typical turnaround times and more. You may also want to review the information on our Gisteo MAX membership program if you’re considering doing multiple productions. 

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