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Why do you need a 30 second explainer video?

A 30 second explainer video can be a powerful tool for conveying a concise and engaging message to your audience. Whether you want to introduce a new product or service, highlight key features, or simply grab your viewers’ attention quickly, a short explainer video is an ideal choice. 

The brevity of these videos help ensure that you can communicate your main points clearly and efficiently, making it easier for your viewers to understand and remember your message. Plus, in today’s fast-paced digital world, a 30-second video is more likely to hold viewers’ attention and encourage them to take the next desired action– whether that’s signing up, making a purchase, or learning more about your offering.

How many words are in a 30 second explainer video?

Many clients who contact us often grossly underestimate the length of their scripts. 

For example, they might send us a dense, one-page Word document that they consider their script draft and estimate it to be around 30 seconds.  Not even close. Keep in mind that the typical word count for a 30 second explainer video is around 75-80 words max.

Example of a 30 second script for TeamSnap (view video below)

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Benefits of animation vs. live action for your short video


1. Animation is excellent at simplifying things

If you want to get educate your audience on a complex or abstract subject, animation can be better than live action at boiling down your message into the most important and relevant points. That’s why so tech companies these days (often selling complex softwares or cloud-based services) have taken to producing animations to explain their value proposition to customers.

2. Animation can be more flexible 

Animation can look and sound any way you want it to. Quite literally, if you can imagine it, you can animate it. While live action is constrained by what is physically possible and what’s feasible according to budget, there’s really no impossible in animation.

3. It’s easier to update

Need to make changes to your video later on?  That can be tricky with live action (without expending serious time and money). Updating animation is simpler, easy and cheaper…without the headaches and expenses involved with reshooting scenes.

30 second animation

Strengths & weaknesses of 30 second explainer videos


30 second explainer videos are all about brevity.  This is where these videos excel vs. 60 second and 90 second explainers. They’re very concise. Shakespeare wrote that brevity is the soul of wit and this applies to 30 second explainer. There’s simply not enough time to include a lot of “fat” in videos of this length so you must be extremely succinct with your messaging. With attention spans getting shorter and shorter, 30 second explainer videos can be excellent bite-size snacks for your viewers.  Plus, they can also serve as animated TV commercials if you decide to use traditional media (most TV slots are 30 seconds).


BUT…this whole attention span thing is complex, heavily nuanced topic that we’ve discussed before.  Just take a look at some of the viral explainer video hits out there like these two for Dollar Shave Club and PooPourri. Both videos have millions upon millions of views on Youtube to date and both are actually over 90 seconds.  The Dollar Shave Club video was wildly successful and an important factor to establishing the brand, which was eventually purchased by Unilever for $1 Billion. PooPourri has also become a runaway hit with sales off the charts. It’s safe to say that whole super short attention span thing doesn’t apply in those cases, right? Sometimes, you simply need more time to convey your message and 30 second explainers fall short in that department. 


30 second video production examples

Below are just a few of the 30 second animated explainer videos that we’ve done over the years here at Gisteo. Make sure you check out of Portfolio page for a more comprehensive review our work across different style, sectors, uses and lengths. If you’re curious about pricing, we’ve got you covered there too. Just visit the Pricing page for our transparent, all-included fixed fees.


Snappy short video for the popular sports team management app


3D style production for a junk removal company based in Atlanta

Tracktor by ShopPad

Kinetic text short explainer for a Shopify app


Short video explaining a platform feature for this dog daycare app

Fred C. Church

30 second animated ad for a NH-based insurance company

Bridge the gApp

Short production for a mental health app for adolescents

Other types of videos to consider

There are countless styles and uses for Gisteo videos beyond explainer videos and regardless of the length. Explore this infographic to learn more about the top 20 video types you can leverage to enhance your marketing or branding efforts.

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