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Lights, camera, action! You see live action videos on broadcast TV—and, increasingly, the internet. Whether it’s a live-action or an animated video, Gisteo is your partner to create multimedia magic!


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What is a live action explainer video?

See our Gisteo video at the top of this page?  That’s a live action production. These videos involve real-life filming, complete with lights, cameras, people or actors, sets, and, yes, even directors exclaiming, “Action!” Apart from filming, live action productions can also include animation or other visual effects to enhance the message.

Live action videos are a flexible and useful way to market something. You can share them on social media, make customer testimonial videos, or tell your brand’s story in a unique, entertaining way. If your product or service can be easily understood by witnessing it in action, a live action video may be the perfect solution. Live action is also effective when you’re looking for a spokesperson/actors to deliver your unique pitch and keep your audience engaged. Bottom-line: adding live-action videos to your marketing plan can help you connect with your audience and get the results you want.


live action explainer videos by Gisteo

Benefits of live action videos

Convey authenticity

Seeing real people and real-life situations can make your brand feel more human, your message more believable, and add a touch of authenticity that connects with your audience.

Create an emotional connection

Live action videos can stir emotions and form a deeper connection with your audience, strengthening your relationship with them in the process.

Clarify your value proposition

Explainer videos in general, including live action productions are one of the most effective ways to concisely explain mission, purpose, value proposition and more. 

Grab attention

Capture people’s attention and set yourself apart from competitors more effectively than with just pictures or text.

Gain a versatile tool

Use your live-action videos in various ways, like in social media ads, on your website, or in email campaigns, to build a unified marketing strategy.

Differentiate yourself

Craft unforgettable videos to set your brand apart and leave text-only competitors in the dust.

Boost sales

Marketing teams are increasingly using explainer video production services to drive lead generation and conversions. According to recent surveys, 63% of businesses prefer video marketing, and 82% say this is an essential strategy to reach their customers and deliver a good return on investment.

Behind the scenes from our fun Gisteo live video production shoot

Gisteo live action explainer video production shoot

Live action production examples

Check out a few of the live action explainers and live action commercials that we’ve created for clients below


A humerous live action commercial for a cash management app

Play Video about Linen app live action commercial


Interviews with corporate executives mixed with dynamic animation

Play Video about Airbus live action explainer


A live action explainer video about live action explainers. Very meta!

Play Video about What live action explainer videos can do for you


A live-action parody for a fictional app called “Buttster.” Don’t cancel us!

Happy Returns

Live action product tutorial for a company specialized in facilitation returns

Play Video about Happy Returns live action tutorial


Live action promo video for a smartphone insurance service

Play Video about Sure live action promo

Cost of live action explainer videos

In the past, elite ad agencies were the first choice for live action video productions. They charged (and continue to charge) a “king’s ransom” for their work, making them cost-prohibitive for startups and smaller companies.  However, times have changed and you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company anymore to get a live action production. Affordability is in our DNA so we’ll work with you to get the best value-for-money live action commercial possible.

That being said, pricing for live action productions can vary greatly.  Some aspects have a more substantial influence on the price and budget than others, including the number of shooting locations, aerial shots, shooting days, acting talent rates, crew size, music licensing, and set construction. Budgets can range from as low as $5,000-$10,000 to…well…the type of commercials you see during the Super BowlAt Gisteo, we make pricing as simple and transparent with our animated productions, but live action explainer videos necessitate a more detailed conversation. If you’re looking for a live action video, feel free to schedule a consultation to go over your project.  

Our live action video production process

We’ve refined our process at Gisteo and teamed with UWOWI Films to make things fast, efficient and far more affordable than traditional agencies. You’ll enjoy direct access to your creative team at every step, allowing for genuine collaboration and a smooth video creation process. Here are the three steps we typically follow for live action productions:

1. Pre-production

The first step in our live-action video creation is all about listening! We spend time getting to know your goals, who you’re trying to reach, and the main messages you want to share. Together, we’ll tackle some key talking points and sketch out a basic plan to maximize your video’s impact. While our production team will contribute creative ideas, your input is always valued. This is also the stage where we begin scriptwriting to frame your message effectively. We revise the script as many times as necessary, until you approve it and we’re ready for the next step.

2. Filming

Our film crew and production team can come to you or your clients, no matter where you are. Obviously travel costs can impact rates so we often recommend shooting in LA, where Ian and his team are based. Expect at least a full day shoot for typical productions. 

3. Editing & post-production

After we’ve filmed everything, we start editing the video. We’ll add titles, captions, visual effects, adjust the colors, work on sound design and more. The final product is a polished live action video that you can be proud of!

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