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What are healthcare explainer videos?

Healthcare explainer videos are concise and engaging videos created to simplify complex healthcare topics, procedures, or products. These videos use visual aids, animations, and clear narration to make healthcare information easily understandable. They cover a wide range of subjects, such as medical procedures, health conditions, medical devices and wellness tips. 

Healthcare providers and medical institutions use these videos to educate patients, inform the public, and enhance healthcare communication. These videos are valuable resources for websites, patient education materials, medical consultations, and digital platforms to empower audiences with essential healthcare knowledge.

Benefits of healthcare explainer videos

Incorporating healthcare explainer videos into your marketing strategy can help in the following ways:

Healthcare explainer videos

“Gisteo is an excellent partner to work with. From start to finish, they carefully listened to our brand and project objectives. They then delivered thoughtful, intelligent executions when it came to our video and unique challenges. Gisteo is flexible, responsive and very creative…they are true professionals!”

April Elsinger

Marketing Manager, Mayo Clinic

Healthcare explainer video examples

Check out a few of the healthcare & medical explainer video productions that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!

Explainer on infrastructure-free indoor location tracking system for hospitals

Move Medical

Video for enterprise healthcare platform to increase asset utilization


Explainer for analytics platform designed for senior living


Explainer for medical practice patient flow optimization solution

Verge Health

Overview of the work this organization does in developing countries


Video for safety & quality assurance software for hospitals and healthcare


Video explainer the benefits of this hospital staffing app

Chess Health

Multi-part explainer on this addiction recovery app and program

Mayo Clinic

Explainer on the Mayo’s Healthy Living Program


Overview of this medical services billing platform

Healthcare explainer video production FAQs

Are healthcare videos suitable for all medical practices? 

Absolutely! Healthcare videos can be customized to cater to various medical practices, including hospitals, clinics and and wellness centers. We collaborate closely with you during the healthcare video production process to ensure the content aligns with your specific needs and goals.

Can you help with multilingual healthcare video content? 

Yes, we offer multilingual options to ensure that your medical videos can effectively reach diverse audiences. We collaborate with localization partners and have access to a global network of voiceover artists to adapt your content for international use.

Do you offer closed-captioning or subtitles for accessibility? 

Certainly! We can incorporate closed-captioning and subtitles to enhance accessibility and meet compliance with accessibility standards. Just inform us during the healthcare video production process, and we’ll include these features seamlessly.

Can you assist with video distribution and marketing strategies? 

While our core expertise lies in video production, we can certainly offer valuable advice on video marketing strategies based on our extensive experience. Feel free to consult with us at any stage of the healthcare video production process for insights and guidance on effective video marketing.

Can you integrate our branding and logo into the videos? 

Definitely! We have over a decade of experience in video production, allowing us to seamlessly incorporate your branding elements. You can provide brand guidelines and assets at the outset of the video production process, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance throughout the videos.

How can I measure the success of my healthcare video? 

The measure of success for your video depends on your specific goals. Common metrics include view count, engagement rate, social shares, and comments. Some clients may track viewer behavior, such as drop-off points and click-through rates. Others have more specific objectives, like increased patient inquiries or heightened brand awareness. We’ll work closely with you at the beginning of the video production process to understand your goals, setting the stage for achieving them effectively.

What types of videos are most effective for healthcare businesses? 

Healthcare businesses can leverage various types of videos, including marketing videos, animated explainer videos, educational videos, patient education videos, and product tours. These videos serve different purposes, from introducing the brand to simplifying medical concepts, educating professionals, providing patient guidance, and showcasing medical products. A mix of these videos creates a comprehensive approach to enhance brand awareness and encourage better health outcomes. 

What makes a great healthcare video? 

A great healthcare explainer video hinges on meticulous planning and a well-crafted script. It should boast excellent visuals, whether through top-notch equipment for live-action shots or high-quality animated graphics that reflect your brand’s standards. Crucially, it should quickly dive into the most relevant and engaging content for the audience. Keeping the video concise and avoiding unnecessary details ensures it captures attention and keeps viewers engaged.

How do you choose between healthcare video production companies? 

When selecting a healthcare video production company, assess their portfolio to find relevant examples in a similar niche. Ask questions about their services and what’s included in their package. Reading reviews can also provide insights into their trustworthiness and capabilities. Pricing is certainly a factor to consider also and nobody is more transparent than Gisteo. 

How long should medical videos be? 

Medical videos should ideally be concise and to the point. There’s no fixed length, but shorter videos are generally more effective at conveying information without overwhelming viewers. The key is to find the right balance that ensures the video communicates the essential details without losing the audience’s interest.

How does medical video production work, and how long does it take? 

The process varies depending on whether it’s animated (the majority of what we do at Gisteo) or live-action video production. However, healthcare video production companies typically work within fixed turnaround times and can accommodate your specific deadlines. Feel free to reach out to discuss your project further or schedule a consultation below. 

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