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Gisteo creates engaging animated training videos to help bring learning to life. No matter what you’re trying to explain to your audience, we’ll make sure they get the gist with our training video productions!



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What are animated training videos?

Training videos are instructional videos that show people how to perform tasks or acquire new skills. They are a valuable tool for businesses to train employees in areas like new software, sales techniques, safety procedures, human resources and more.

By utilizing training videos, businesses can achieve several advantages. They ensure consistent and standardized training throughout their teams. This consistency is essential for maintaining quality and efficiency. Training videos also can help reduce training costs by eliminating the need for in-person training sessions or printed materials. This cost-effective approach benefits both the business and its employees. Moreover, employees can learn at their own pace with training videos, allowing them to absorb information comfortably and effectively. Finally, training videos are easily accessible and can be revisited whenever necessary, making them a wise long-term investment for businesses seeking to enhance their workforce’s skills and knowledge.

Benefits of training videos vs. other training methods

Training videos offer a host of benefits compared to alternative methods! They provide a level of consistency that ensures all team members receive the same information. With the flexibility to access these videos from anywhere, your employees can learn at their own comfortable pace.

Creating training videos can often be more cost-effective than traditional in-person training sessions. They also offer scalability, making it a breeze to efficiently train large groups of employees, whether in the office or remotely.  Finally, the engaging nature of videos can lead to better retention and improved learning outcomes. This means your team is more likely to grasp and remember the information presented, ultimately enhancing their skills and productivity.

Educational video production

How do you create an effective training video?

Training videos

A top-notch training video should be focused, engaging, and informative. It should be driven by a clear objective and deliver a coherent message. To achieve this, the video should harness the power of visuals, sound, and relevant, enjoyable examples, all designed to captivate and maintain viewers’ attention.

It’s also crucial to keep the video as concise as possible. This ensures that viewers remain engaged and retain the knowledge they’ve acquired. By infusing training videos with both fun and effectiveness, businesses can rest easy knowing that their employees are well-equipped with the skills and information needed for success.

Training video production examples

Check out a few of the training videos that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!


A training video overview on how student loan disbursement works

Verus Mortgage Capital

Part of a training tutorial series for mortgage company employees


Part of a series of training videos for physics graduate students


Tutorial educating clients on how to upload advertising creative assets


Video training new employees on their healthcare membership plan


Part of an internal training series for IT employees


Part of a video training series on best practices in the workplace


A complete orientation training video for new employees

Training video production FAQs

Who is video the preferred training tool?

Video excels at simplifying complex topics and telling engaging stories. Training can often be uninteresting, and people are easily distracted. Training videos have the power to deliver educational content that your team will actually want to watch.

Can Gisteo help with internal training video projects?

Absolutely! We collaborate with clients worldwide and have experience producing internal videos of all types. Our streamlined animation process allows us to work seamlessly with clients anywhere in the world. 

What does the training video package include?

Our training video package is all-inclusive! It covers the script, storyboard, animation, royalty-free music, sound effects, and a professional voiceover. We provide everything you need for a high-quality training video that meets all your requirements, all at a fair price

What sets Gisteo apart as a training video production company?

Our extensive experience, developed over more than a decade as a video production company, has honed our expertise in delivering exceptional corporate training videos. The same skills that have made us a leading creator of animated explainer videos apply to creating outstanding educational content for employee training.

Can we get revisions further down the line, after production is completed?

Yes, and we understand that adjustments may be necessary even after project completion. However, please note that additional charges may apply for changes made after each production stage is signed off. At Gisteo, we prioritize transparency and will make unlimited changes until you provide that sign-off. Fees only apply to changes requested post sign-off. 


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