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What are animated educational videos?

Educational videos are videos tailored for learning. You’ll find them in classrooms, online courses, and training programs. The goal of these videos is to explain complex ideas in an engaging and easy-to-remember way. Educational video productions use visuals, animations, narration and storytelling to create a fun and effective learning experience for everyone.

Why are educational videos effective?

Video is an excellent tool for learning, and here’s why it works so well. Firstly, video grabs your attention and makes learning enjoyable. This excitement helps you remember information better. Secondly, it combines pictures and sound, which helps people who learn in different ways. 

Gisteo videos can make complicated ideas easier to understand by breaking them into smaller parts and showing them visually. They’re also easy to access whenever and wherever you want, so you can learn at your own pace and even come back to them later if needed.

Educational video production

What types of content can be produced for education?

Animated educational videos are fantastic for teaching a wide range of topics, including business training. They shine at clarifying abstract or complex ideas that might be tough to grasp with other methods. Tools like diagrams and cross-sections help people visualize things better. 

Whether it’s explaining scientific processes, historical events, math concepts, technological explanations, or business training, animated videos bring these subjects to life in an engaging way. They’re also perfect for storytelling, character development, and interactive scenarios that encourage active participation. Their versatility and visual appeal make them a valuable tool for presenting educational content in a way that’s both enjoyable and memorable.

Educational video production examples

Check out a few of the educational videos that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!

Loyola Marymount University

An overview of the LMU brand pitch for students & alumni


Educating students carbon emissions & environment


Part of a series of educational videos for physics graduate students

Talkable Communities

Part of a series of short videos showcasing mental health resources


Video educating new employees on their healthcare membership plan


Part of an internal series for IT employees

Educational video production FAQs

Who can benefit from educational videos? 

Many organizations can benefit from educational video production. Schools, colleges, and universities can enhance their teaching methods. Training companies can provide engaging learning experiences for employees. Non-profit organizations and government agencies can educate the public. E-learning platforms and online course providers can reach a global audience. Any organization that aims to educate, inform, or train can use educational videos effectively.

How can businesses specifically benefit from educational videos?

Educational videos can serve various purposes for businesses, blending learning and engagement. For instance, businesses can create instructional videos to educate customers about product features, usage, or troubleshooting. These videos enhance customer satisfaction and reduce support inquiries. Moreover, companies can develop training videos to onboard new employees or provide ongoing professional development for their teams. This approach ensures consistent training and skill-building across the organization.

Businesses can also use educational video production to establish thought leadership. By sharing industry insights, tips, or tutorials, they demonstrate expertise in their field, fostering trust and credibility among their audience. Additionally, educational video content can be offered as a lead magnet to attract and engage the target audience. This strategy helps build rapport and credibility, ultimately strengthening the company’s position in the industry.

Can animation make complex material interesting? 

Absolutely! Animation can transform complex or dry educational material into engaging content. It visualizes abstract concepts, presents data in digestible formats, and simplifies challenging topics. Animation allows for creative storytelling, captivating visuals, and dynamic transitions, making educational content interesting and memorable.

Which animation techniques are effective for educational videos?

2D animation, mixed media, motion graphics and whiteboard animation can all be effective for educational video production. Motion graphics use dynamic visuals and animations to explain concepts. Whiteboard animation is also a popular option. The choice really depends on the content, audience preferences, and desired style.

What factors should I consider when choosing an educational video production company?

When selecting an educational video company, consider their portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision. Examine their process, pricing structure, and included services like revisions and turnaround times. Reading reviews and testimonials can help gauge their reputation and client satisfaction, providing valuable insights into their reliability and quality of work.

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