Gisteo pricing– per project rates

Our clear-cut explainer and marketing video fees for standalone projects. No hidden fees, gimmicks or “gotchas”

Other firms in this space try to size you up, get your contact info, etc. before giving you a quote. Not us.  We believe in delivering explainer and marketing video pricing with Total Transparency.  It’s better for you, it’s better for us. The pricing table below applies to individual projects and includes all the different animated video styles that you can see on our Portfolio page.

The only exceptions would be jobs that require extensive 3D modeling, broadcast TV work (with extra licensing fees required by voice over artists), or live-action productions. These are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

If you plan on creating at least two explainer videos over the next year, consider becoming a Gisteo MAX customer– an annual membership plan designed to help you save serious money on multiple productions while providing you with access to additional members-only perks!

Per projectGisteo MAX (save 20%)

Become a Gisteo MAX member and save 20% on every project for 12 months. More information below.

Just Animate!

$ 2,000

First 30 seconds + $750 per each additional 30 second increment, pro-rated

Have your own script already? You supply the fully approved script with storyboard instructions/visual cues and we bring it to life! Ideal for marketing agencies or clients with in-house writers.

  • Full key-frame storyboard
  • Voice over
  • Illustration & animation
  • Music & sound effects
  • Unlimited revisions (within each stage)
  • Billing for overages is pro-rated, based on 30 second increments
  • 10 second free buffer included
  • Payment terms: 50% upfront, 50% upon completion
  • Average turnaround time: 3-4 weeks (more for videos >2 min.)
Lets do this!

NormalMost Popular

$ 3,000

First 30 seconds + $750 per each additional 30 second increment, pro-rated

Our classic full-service package. We handle everything from concept to completion, with all the bells and whistles included. This is Gisteo’s most popular offering for individual projects.

  • Discovery
  • Script development
  • Full key-frame storyboard
  • Voice over
  • Illustration & animation
  • Music & sound effects
  • Unlimited revisions (within each stage)
  • Billing for overages is pro-rated, based on 30 second increments
  • 10 second free buffer included
  • Payment terms: 50% upfront, 50% upon completion
  • Average turnaround time: 5-6 weeks (more for videos >2 min.)
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Fast Pass

$ 4,000

First 30 seconds + $750 per each additional 30 second increment, pro-rated

Same as our Normal package but everything is on an accelerated timeline. You get lightning-fast service while we sleep less & beg our spouses for sweet forgiveness!

  • Discovery
  • Script development
  • Key-frame storyboard (time permitting)
  • Voice over
  • Illustration & animation
  • Music & sound effects
  • Revisions as time permits
  • Billing for overages is pro-rated, based on 30 second increments
  • 10 second free buffer included
  • Payment terms: 50% upfront, 50% upon completion
  • Average turnaround time: 2-3 weeks (more for videos >2 min.)
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Pricing- FAQ

Are your prices negotiable?

We pride ourselves on our fixed, transparent rates but we’ll listen to your pitch if you’ve got one. We look for “win-win” relationships so if you have something you can offer in return for a discount like huge exposure, a special mention to a large audience on LinkedIn or Slack, access to a network of great contacts, etc. we’ll be more inclined to consider your proposal.

Do you offer discounts on a single video?

No, but we offer discounts via our Gisteo MAX membership if you plan on doing more than one video over a period of a year (see next FAQ).

Do you have any financing options?

Not directly, but as a long-standing PayPal Merchant, we can offer you interest-free financing (via PayPal) if the total bill is paid in 6 months.  For more information, click here.

Why are you so affordable?

Gisteo is a lean operation. We don’t have a secretary or excessive overhead which can lead to bloated explainer video pricing.  We prefer to keep things streamlined and pass those savings on to our clients.  In addition, we get a ton of repeat business and referrals so we don’t need to inflate our pricing to offset massive marketing costs.

Why are you so expensive?

Strange but true…but we get this question as often as the above one. Explainer video pricing fluctuates so wildly in this industry that prospective customers are left scratching their heads. We deliver a high-quality product at a fair price. We firmly believe that Gisteo offers the best value-for-money proposition on the market. If you are looking for a “dirt cheap” solution, that is not us. You may want to check out Fiverr or talk to some folks a few time zones away…but remember: you get what you pay for.

How does the “10 second free buffer” work?

Say you plan on doing a 60 second explainer video.  Ultimately, the running time extends a bit and the final video is 68 seconds. Other companies will charge you religiously (and handsomely) for every extra second. Not Gisteo. We keep it simple and fair.  We’ll round down as long as it’s within the “buffer zone” and those extra seconds are free of charge. If it goes beyond the 10 second buffer, we will apply the full, pro-rated fee based on the normal $750 per each additional 30 second increment.

We need to produce a longer video (3+ minutes). Can you cut us a break on pricing?

Perhaps, especially if it incorporates B-roll video footage or is lighter on animation. We can discuss in detail during our consultation call l and we’ll see what we can do.

What is your pricing policy for revisions?

We’re very fair and flexible on revisions.  Our projects follow a sequential order, meaning that we don’t embark on the next stage of the process until you’ve given your feedback and approval on the current stage. This approach help ensure that we have frequent touch-points and no unpleasant surprises.  We do not change on any revisions made within each stage.

We do this because our goal is the same as yours: to create a compelling video. If you’re pleased with the result, we know you’ll speak favorably of us to all your friends and contacts when they ask “who made your video?” We’d much rather have a new Gisteo evangelist out there in the world than to tick you off by “nickeling and diming” you to death over a few extra changes.

Are there exceptions to the above?

Well….yes. Every now and then, we come across a “special” client who will cross the line a bit when it comes to requesting excessive revisions. It’s very rare, but it happens.

In these extreme cases, we may request an additional fee to cover an over-abundance of labor-intensive revisions. It’s kind of like calling a technical foul in basketball and we don’t like to do it.  When it happens, it’s dealt with on a case-by-case basis and we always try to be as fair as possible.

Do you provide project source files after you complete our video?

Upon completion, you’ll receive a link to download your video file (normally in .mp4 format). The video is yours to use however you would like.  As a policy, we do not provide the actual source files for standalone video projects.  A buy-out fee (starting at $500) depending on length is available on a case-by-case basis. Alternatively, consider becoming a Gisteo MAX member for access to source files for any video project without any additional fee.

Become a Gisteo MAX member

MAX Value. MAX Benefits.

Our exclusive membership plan for organizations looking to produce a video series or multiple productions over a one-year period. Includes other great members-only benefits.

Gisteo MAX

$ 999

One-time annual fee
  • 20% discount off the base rate on every project.
  • Starts immediately after paying the one-time membership fee.
  • Big-time savings if you plan on doing multiple videos.
  • Additional members-only benefits: priority service, free maintenance, one free cut-down version of each video, free art file exports and project/source files.
  • Membership plan covers a 12-month period from sign-up.

What it is

Gisteo MAX is designed to help clients get the most out of services beyond one-off projects. Members get access to discounted pricing during a 12-month period along with other exclusive perks. Think of it like a Costco or Amazon Prime membership.  You pay a one-time annual fee and enjoy the benefits for an entire year.

How it works

Upon paying the one-time annual Gisteo MAX membership fee, you will receive a 20% discount off the base rate on every single project during an entire year. All styles displayed on our Portfolio page are covered under this plan.  EXAMPLE: you’re doing a “Normal” 60-second production. Instead of paying a total of $4,000 you’ll pay just $3,200 under the Gisteo MAX membership plan.

The discounted rate will apply to your very first production and every subsequent production after that, during a 12-month period that begins the day you sign up for the Gisteo MAX membership plan.

The Gisteo MAX membership more than pays for itself after just two productions and you’ll rack up significant savings if you plan on doing several videos or more during the year. We also offer some additional perks, available exclusively to MAX members (see below).

Additional members-only perks that come with a Gisteo MAX plan:

  • Priority service. We’ll always have your projects at the front of the line and move as quickly as possible so we can get on with your next project!
  • Free maintenance plan: Sometimes you need to swap out a screenshot, logo or word or two in video. We do these minor updates free of charge during your membership period.
  • One free 15, 30 or 60 second cut-down version of your video. Need a shorter cut of your video to use on social media or elsewhere? As long as the cut-down version is based on the original video with minimal customization required, MAX members receive their choice of a shortened version for free.
  • Free artwork exports. Need a few images from the video to use on a website, brochure social media etc.? No problem– we’ll export the requested art files in vector format for you to use however you’d like.
  • Free access to source files. If you need the actual project files for your archives, this is included free of charge, for Gisteo MAX members only.

Gisteo MAX- FAQ

Is this a subscription plan?

No, this is not a subscription as there is no monthly recurring payment or retainer.

Instead, your Gisteo MAX simply requires a one-time annual payment that gives you access to significant discounts and membership benefits.  It works more like a Costco or Amazon Prime membership in that regard and we feel that it’s a fairer and far more flexible option for the vast majority of our customer base.

We scope out and bill each project individually during your membership period.  You’ve got a year to figure things out so you won’t feel pressured to plan everything at once in order to get the most out of some expensive retainer. You can pay on a 50% upfront, 50% upon completion basis for each project or you can opt to pay upfront for each project to minimize invoicing.

Can I cancel my Gisteo MAX membership?

Once we commence work on our first project, your Gisteo MAX fee cannot be refunded. Remember, it’s just a one-time fee anyway so you won’t have to worry about recurring charges that you aren’t using.

Again, Gisteo MAX is a straightforward plan designed for organizations that want to maximize their yearly video marketing budget while gaining access to great additional benefits. As we discussed in the previous FAQ (above), this is not a subscription!

In any case, if you’re looking to just create a single video, our per-project offering may be a better option for you.

I love the fact that you offer unlimited revisions within each stage as well as your free 10 second "buffer" rule. Does these apply under Gisteo MAX also?

Of course! Our service includes all the normal perks that apply to our standalone projects plus a number of great members-only benefits on top of that!

Can you work on more than one project at a time?

Yes, we have the bandwidth to put two or more productions into motion simultaneously.  Keep in mind that individual projects still require several weeks to complete from the time we start each one, depending on the length.

With priority service, we will guarantee that we’ll move as quickly as possible to finish your project without delay but, as always, this a “two-way street.”  Your prompt feedback during each stage of the process will help ensure that we finish faster.

We are a holding company with multiple brands. Does the MAX membership cover all our brands or just a single one?

We like to keep things simple and easy so, yes, you can use your Gisteo MAX plan for any brands that fall under your parent company.

This all sounds great. How do I sign up?

That’s easy. Just click the “Buy Now” button above and make your one-time annual payment. If you prefer to be invoiced, we can do that. Just contact us at to request your one-time membership invoice.

Once I sign up, how does the process work?

The process is the same for all our video projects. We start with our pre-production questionnaire to better understand your needs.  Download a copy in Word or click here to complete a copy in Google Docs and share it with

We also recommend a meeting to discuss your goals, how everything works and get to know each other better. Please schedule a Gisteo Max kick-off meeting using the calendar below.