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What are event videos?

Event videos are brief videos designed to boost or elevate an event’s visibility and impact. These videos serve marketing and engagement purposes and can be employed prior to, during, or event following a corporate event. Whether you’re promoting an event, introducing a keynote speaker or seeking to make the most of your attendance by creating captivating video content, event videos are a powerful tool to maximize your success and ROI. 

How can event videos be used?

Event videos have versatile applications. You can employ animated videos such as teasers and promos before an event to boost attendance or before a speaker takes the stage to generate interest.

Alternatively, you can use live action video to capture event moments and create recaps and highlight reels showcasing the event’s best moments after it concludes. Additionally, consider utilizing explainer videos or product demos to enhance your event stand or presentation during the event itself.

event videos

How do you create an effective training video?

Event video production

Regardless of the video style you select, a successful event video should transport viewers into the event experience. Whether it’s showcased in different settings or formats, it must maintain excellent production quality with sharp visuals and clear audio to immerse the audience. The pacing should feel organic, and any graphics incorporated should seamlessly complement the narrative without causing distraction.

Moreover, it’s crucial to have a precise vision of your video’s objectives. This clarity ensures you have the highest likelihood of achieving your desired impact!

Event video production examples

Check out a few of the  event videos that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!

Pavan Argarwal

Event video presenting this keynote speaker before taking the stage

YPO STL | Panama

Theme year overview used before at at the kick-off event

YPO STL | Dine Around Event Promo

A pre-event video sent out to generate and explain the format

Bill Bent

Dramatic video introducing a keynote speaker before taking the stage

Call Miner

Conference theme video used onsite and on signup page

YPO STL | Fill in the Gaps

Theme year overview video used to generate interest before kickoff event

YPO STL | Rising Up

Theme hype video used before event and at event kick-off party

YPO STL | Unleash

A comprehensive theme year overview video used before and at event

Sam Chahaun

Event video presenting keynote speaker Sam Chahaun


Promo video used at conference booth display

Event video production FAQs

How can you leverage video for pre-event promotion?
As you approach live events, video serves as a potent tool for generating excitement and interest. Utilize promotional videos and teasers to build anticipation and capture people’s attention. Place the video on an event website for sign-ups and use the video in a promotional email campaign. 
What types of videos are effective to use during events?
Using well-produced event videos within the event itself can greatly enhance the experience. These videos can be seamlessly integrated into your event booth or included in presentations to enrich your content. Whether they supplement presentations, spotlight speakers, or promote upcoming corporate events, having engaging custom videos readily available helps ensure a smoother event and leaves a lasting impression on attendees.
What types of events can you produce videos for?
We can create videos for a wide range of events! Whether you’re organizing a trade show, sales conference, or planning award ceremonies, our video production services can enhance your event and make it even more impactful.
Do you provide live event video production, such as event filming?
Absolutely, our live action video package can include the option to have a skilled videographer capture and film your event. Travel costs for the videographer will need to be reimbursed. 
What does the event video production process involve?
The event video production process can vary based on the unique requirements and scale of each project although our general pricing parameters apply to most projects, especially if we do not need to send a video crew to your site for filming. To get a clear understanding of your specific goals and needs, we recommend scheduling a consultation below. We’ll discus your project in detail, more information on pricing, expected timelines, and any other specific details necessary to bring your vision to life.

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