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What is a Saas explainer video?

A software explainer video is a type of video created to assist software or SaaS (Software as a Service) companies in growing and enhancing their business. These videos serve various purposes, such as explaining complex concepts in a simple way, introducing the brand, and describing what an app does and who it benefits. They can also include demonstration videos that show how an app or platform functions. In a nutshell, videos are a crucial component of any effective SaaS marketing strategy.

Benefits of SaaS explainer videos

SaaS videos offer several advantages to software companies. 

They act like a special ingredient that helps more people find and understand the software. With better information about the app and its functionality, users can make informed decisions about downloading it, which can reduce the number of users who stop utilizing the platform.

Additionally, SaaS videos can decrease the number of support questions, giving your team more time to focus on software development and marketing. When users have a better grasp of the software, they tend to enjoy it more and get the most out of it, leading to increased satisfaction, positive reviews, and referrals. It’s like a cycle of success: greater awareness, fewer issues, and many happy users spreading the word!

SaaS explainer video production examples

Check out a few of the SaaS videos that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!

Explainer for recurring payment gateway software product


Video for employee sales and communication platform 


Workflow management and automation software explainer

Video explainer for an ecommerce app


Explainer for analytics platform designed for senior living

Video explainer for talent market analytics platform

Tilia Aries

Part of a series of explainers for digital software solution for printers


Explainer for ecommerce accounting automation application


Video explaining the benefits of this hospital staffing app


Software explainer for platform to manage logistics


Overview explainer for this dog daycare management software


Explainer for medical services billing platform

SaaS explainer video production FAQs

Why do I need a SaaS explainer video? 

96% of people use video to learn about complex products and services. 66% of people said they’d actually prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service while only 18% would rather read a text-based article, website, or post. Businesses agree that videos help increase user understanding, with almost half saying an explainer video reduced the number of product support calls to their company, and three-quarters of marketers finding that video helps to raise brand awareness.

SaaS is all about selling something buyers can’t see or touch. For a prospect to make a purchase decision, it’s critical to clearly explain what issues your product or service resolves, how it does it and, of course, why this matters to the user. Video content is one of the best tools for this, enabling you to deliver information to your audience in an easy-to-digest, memorable way. You can think of SaaS explainer videos as brief, informative, engaging sales pitches working 24/7 for your company.  

How does video improve the customer journey for software users?

Video significantly improves the customer journey for software users in multiple ways. First of all, app demos and SaaS explainer videos make the software’s value proposition and key features crystal clear, setting realistic expectations about its capabilities. This helps users make more informed decisions about downloading it. Afterward, tutorial videos simplify the onboarding process and user training by offering visual, step-by-step instructions, which reduces the learning curve. Testimonials and case studies further instill trust and confidence in the product. Videos keeps users engaged and well-informed, lowering frustration levels and decreasing the number of support requests, as users can resolve issues on their own. In summary, SaaS video production enhances the overall customer experience, making it more user-friendly, educational, and satisfying throughout the software journey.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when creating SaaS explainer videos? 

One pitfall to avoid is using complex technical jargon – simplicity really is key! Keep things straightforward and focus on clarity. Lengthy videos can also be a problem, as they risk losing viewers’ interest. Aim for 1-2 minutes for most explainer videos as a general rule. A SaaS explainer might be the viewer’s first encounter with your brand, so quality matters too. A video with poor sound quality, basic design, or glitchy animation sends a horrible subconscious message about the quality of your app or software tool. We also recommend a clear call-to-action at the end of each video, which signposts viewers to the next step in your buyer journey.

How can animated video be used for software companies? 

Animated SaaS explainer videos can be a powerful tool for software companies because they simplify complex concepts, making it easier for potential customers to understand how a product works. Animated demo videos showcase a software’s features and benefits in an engaging and visually appealing manner, which helps build understanding. Videos are also effective for creating tutorials and how-to guides, helping new and existing users learn how to use the software effectively – which can boost engagement and satisfaction. Furthermore, animated videos can be used for marketing and promotional purposes, making it easier to convey the value of the software and attract new customers. In essence, they enhance communication, education, and marketing efforts for software companies, making them a valuable asset in the tech industry.

How can live-action video be used for software companies? 

The most common use case for live-action videos for software companies would be testimonials. These live-action videos put your happiest customers front and center of your marketing, explaining how they’ve used your product and the amazing things they’ve been able to achieve as a result. These videos are really good at building social proof and encouraging potential users to take the plunge and buy/download your software tool. Live-action video can also be used for “behind the scenes” style videos, as well as educational videos that explain particular topics. A mix of animated and live-action content is a also an effective approach. Having a humorous spokesperson to pitch your software platform can be a choice for some companies with sizeable budgets. Gisteo has done several of these productions. 

How should software companies measure the impact of their SaaS explainer video content? 

Measuring the impact of your video content is essential for assessing its effectiveness. You can use various metrics, such as view count, user engagement, download rate, on-site conversions, and sales. It’s crucial to define your goals before starting your project, as this aligns our efforts from the beginning, ensuring that we work toward achieving those goals throughout the video production process.

Why choose Gisteo as a SaaS explainer video production partner? 

Choosing Gisteo as your SaaS video production partner means benefiting from over a decade of experience in creating effective software explainer videos. Our expertise is embedded in every video we produce. Additionally, we offer transparent fixed pricing, set turnaround times, and unlimited revisions to simplify the process of getting a SaaS video that perfectly suits your needs.

How do I get started? 

To get started, simply contact us and provide us with some information about your project. We always respond with lightning-fast speed. Alternatively, it may be better to set up a free consultation below so we can discuss live and share more information about our process and ideas for your project. 

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