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Since 2011, Gisteo has been providing website intro video production expertise to clients big and small. We handle it all, from start to finish–no bloated processes, no inflated prices, no B.S.


3,000+ video produced. 17 languages. 14 countries.

Why website intro videos matter

A website without an intro video is like peanut butter without jelly. If you don’t engage your audience, you risk losing customers to the competition. You need to capture their attention, communicate simply and effectively and be memorable. Just like great movies connect with their audience, great website videos connect with your target and inspire them to take action.

Here are just a few stats that point to the importance of website intro videos for any organization:

3 keys to creating effective website intro videos

1. Keep it concise

Intro videos are ideally high-level, company overview videos that clearly and succinctly tell your story. Like we say in our brand name, you want to communicate the “gist” of your solution to potential customers with your homepage intro video…not force-feed them a bloated manifesto that nobody wants to finish. You may well want or need to create specific product tutorials, demo videos or more in-depth landing page videos, and that’s fine…but there’s a time and place for everything. Website intro videos should be big-picture and two minutes or less in length.

2. Keep it consistent with your overall branding

Intro videos should be a reflection of your overall brand. You want your intro video to look and feel as though it’s a seamless part of your company branding. It shouldn’t stick out or look like a separate one-off you had produced by a company that ignored your brand guidelines. Also, when it comes to the script, the tone should be in line with your overall brand voice. If you’ve got an irreverent, quirky brand, embrace this with your video. If you’re all corporate and buttoned-up, a homepage intro video with over-the-top humor may seem inconsistent with the rest of your messaging. Be true to yourself and your brand!

3. Give it prominent “real estate” on your homepage

You’ve spent good time and money getting your website intro video produced. The last thing you want to do now is bury it somewhere where people can’t find it! Ideally, it should be “above the fold” or at least prominently displayed where it can be clearly seen. Make it easy to find and don’t be afraid to put a fat “play” symbol over the video so it’s crystal-clear that you have video content for the viewer to watch. You may also want to mention the running time so your audience knows that it’s not a significant time commitment- e.g. “Learn more in just 90 seconds.” 

website intro video example

Example: the website intro video we produced for 3rdPlus is prominently displayed in the heart of their homepage.

Here’s the actual video we produced for 3rdPlus.

Website intro video examples

Here’s a quick look at some of the many cartoon explainer videos that we’ve produced over the years. Be sure to visit our Portfolio page to review a wide range of our animated explainer videos, organized by style.


A brief overview of a software integrator in the printing and packaging industry


An entertaining approach for a Texas-based pest control company. “La cucaracha…”

Blue Dot Seats

This whiteboard video educates users about the Blue Dot approach & value proposition

In Case of Crisis 365

Mixed media video providing a snapshot of this crisis management platform ww


A 2D animated video providing an overview of PetCentric’s services for pet parents


A fun explainer pitching a team-building focused scavenger hunt for organizations

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Book a video call with Stephen Conley, Founder & Creative Director. Stephen will meet with you and your team to discuss your overall goals. He’ll provide his general thoughts on what approach you should take and answer any questions you might have about the process.

Before producing animated explainer videos, Stephen worked at some of the world’s top advertising agencies. Since then, he’s worked with countless start-ups and leading brands during his 11+ years running Gisteo…so he knows his stuff when it comes to explainer videos as well as branding and marketing in general!

Website intro video faqs

How much does website intro video production cost?

Wyzowl conducts a yearly study to determine global industry average price of explainer videos of all types.  In 2023, they determined that price to be over $8,000. You can see the full research study here to find out how they came to this conclusion! Gisteo focuses on value-for-money and our website intro videos are considerably more affordable than these averages, which can be skewed by high-priced companies.  It’s always a good idea to do your homework before making a decision on who to work with.

What styles can be used in website intro videos?

Animation in general is amazingly flexible. It lends itself to diverse style choices when producing website intro videos, including 2D/cartoon, motion graphics, kinetic typography, mixed media, whiteboard animation and more. Live-action videos are also a great choice depending on your budget and needs.  So no matter what type of website intro video you need, we’ve good you covered!

What's the process like and how long does it take?

The turnaround time for website intro video production can vary somewhat based on factors like complexity or the length of your explainer video. At Gisteo, we typically deliver videos within 4-5 weeks, from start to finish.  For shorter videos or expedited projects which we call “Fast Pass,” we can complete them in as little as 2 weeks. 

Why choose Gisteo for your next website intro video project?

We launched our company in 2011, making us literally one of the most experienced explainer video production companies on the planet. To date, we’ve completed over 3,000 projects for thousands of clients across the world. We’ve got a proven process, affordable rates and an impeccable track record. Click here for more information on why we may be the best choice for you. 

Beyond website intro videos: other video types/uses to consider

Website intro videos are just the beginning of what you can do with video content. There are countless styles and uses for Gisteo videos. Explore this infographic to learn more about the top 20 video types you can leverage to enhance your marketing or branding efforts.

Don't just take our word for it

Our website intro videos and marketing videos in general have garnered some huge praise over the years. Countess clients have left us amazing reviews on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Check out our Praise page for more of the stuff that makes us blush!