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Gisteo creates animated explainer videos for any mission, vision or purpose. One of our favorite verticals happens to be nonprofit organizations. Our nonprofit video production services are designed to help organizations distill complex messages into concise, compelling and shareable videos to help them better communication your cause.

Benefits On Nonprofit Explainer Videos

Here are just a few ways animated videos can benefit your non-profit organization.

  • Educating the public: depending on what your non-profit does, your mission might not be easy to grasp or immediately understood by the general public or by and potential donors. If your audience doesn’t understand a particular disease, cultural challenge, political issue etc., it can be difficult to generate interest and involvement. Explainer videos are a great to educate people and ensure that your audience gets the “gist” of why your organization exists.
  • Spreading the word: not every cause is a household name like UNICEF, Greenpeace, United Way or others that have spent years and millions of dollars marketing to the public.  Animated videos can be a great way to generate awareness and get on peoples’ radars. These videos can help you efficiently and quickly spread the word about what you do via your website, social media, conferences, email campaigns, advertising and other vehicles.
  • Driving donations: if you’re interested in driving donations, a compelling non profit videos can motivate people to give to your cause. Be sure to include a clear call-to-action in your video so viewers know what to do and how to do it.
  • Driving participation & involvement: in addition to just monetary donations, non profit videos can help you attract advocates who may want to get involved with your cause by giving their time, signing up for your program, donating their services or helping in other ways.  Again, it’s important to make it clear in your video how people can get involved and exactly what you’d like them to do.

7 Nonprofit Explainer Video Examples

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Let’s quickly review 7 examples of our nonprofit videos productions in action. Check out our Portfolio page to view many more examples of of our animated explainer videos for all kinds of different sectors, organized by style.  Also, click here to view more examples of our nonprofit explainer videos.

1. Nonprofit explainer video for melanoma research foundation

Skin of Steel is a not-for-profit organization striving to fund the first national, collaborative Melanoma Tissue Bank, which will give researchers across the country access to the fresh-frozen primary tissues they need to enhance melanoma treatment and eventually find a cure. This mesmerizing animated animated communicates Skin of Steel’s vision with beautiful music, imagery and text. It’s filled with facts and, more importantly, filled with hope.

2. Nonprofit marketing video to promote Give To Colombia

Give To Colombia is a non-profit organization that facilitates the channeling of resources towards high-impact social projects in Colombia. This stunning animated video communicates Give To Colombia’s brand “manifesto” with healthy dose of passion and emotion.

3. Cybersight animated nonprofit video 

More than anything, Cybersight is a great idea and a wonderful cause. Cybersight makes it possible for ophthalmologists in developing countries to benefit from the knowledge and experience of Orbis volunteer faculty offered entirely online. Their mission is eliminate preventable blindness throughout the world and the group literally empowers people with a brighter future. This animated nonprofit video gives a nice overview of both the problem and the Cybersight solution.

4. Boy Scouts of America recruiting video

This is a classic example of Gisteo’s tongue-in-cheek writing. It makes a compelling case for why parents should consider the Scouts among the infinite sports and other activities so typical of today’s kids. One unsolicited Youtube user who happened to be a Scout Leader commented: “This is best Boy Scouts recruiting video I’ve ever seen.” We’re not going to argue with that!

5. Nonprofit whiteboard video for the Child Advocacy Group

In a perfect world, children live in safe, nurturing environments. But our world is not perfect. The harsh reality is that child abuse occurs all too frequently, all around the country and world. This nonprofit whiteboard video was created for the Child Advocacy Center in Gainesville, Florida. Child abuse is sensitive topic but we think this video addresses the matter with grace and a sense of hope.

6. Vasculitis Foundation nonprofit explainer video to generate awareness

The Vasculitis Foundation Awareness Video gives you insight into the devastating impact that vasculitis has on patients around the world and you’ll also learn the education, research and support the Vasculitis Foundation brings to the patient and medical communities. This touching, emotional video was created for this great organization that is bringing hope to the many people that suffer from this terrible, yet not commonly known disease.

7. Animated nonprofit video for PlanetDonate

PlanetDonate helps organizations raise money through the collection of unwanted clothing and shoes, shipping them to people who need them around the world. They help us “clothes the loop” as we say in this colorful, hopeful animated explainer video that tells the story of “Ben’s T-shirt” both with and without PlanetDonate. Try to watch this one without having an emotional connection for that t-shirt. It’s not easy 🙂

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