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What are nonprofit explainer videos?

A nonprofit video is a form of video content created by a charitable organization to achieve several objectives. It serves to raise awareness about the organization, engage its supporters, and effectively communicate its mission. These videos typically encompass a variety of topics related to the nonprofit’s work, impact, and goals. Their ultimate aim is to inspire viewers to take action, whether that means making donations, volunteering, or spreading the organization’s message. Often, nonprofit videos utilize compelling storytelling to tug at the heartstrings of the audience, forging a strong emotional connection and motivating people to support the nonprofit’s cause.

Our approach to nonprofit video production

Gisteo’s nonprofit video production services distill complex messages into compelling, shareable videos that help organizations better communicate their cause.  We may be biased, but we believe that nearly any nonprofit could benefit from an explainer video.

People are moved by stories that matter.  And so are we. We love selling, pitching and promoting on behalf of companies, but nonprofits video productions are near and dear to us.  Nonprofit explainer videos give us the opportunity to use our creativity, make a difference and maybe even change some lives.

Whether you want to increase awareness, educate your audience,  recruit volunteers, or generate more donations, a Gisteo nonprofit explainer video can help.  We offer unmatched creativity, fair pricing and a straightforward process to helping you tell the world who you are and why you matter.


Nonprofit video production

Benefits on nonprofit explainer videos

Here are just a few ways animated videos can benefit your non-profit organization:
Nonprofit videos

Nonprofit video examples

Check out a few of the nonprofit explainer video productions that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!

Panzi Foundation

Raising awareness for the work this organization does in the Congo

Project Unicorn

Seeking support for education reform through data sharing

Skin of Steel

Raising awareness and involvement for melanoma cancer research

Project Unicorn

Seeking support for education reform through data sharing


Overview of the work this organization does in developing countries

Vasculitis Foundation

Raising awareness for this hard to diagnose disease

Give to Colombia

Informing on their mission in helping Colombia thrive

Center for Responsive Schools

Raising awareness about the devastating effects of bullying

Talkable Communities

Promoting the mission of this mental health focused community org.

Child Guidance Center

Overview of the services provided for children with behavioral issues

Nonprofit explainer video production FAQs

Is there a proven formula for effective nonprofit video storytelling?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all formula, successful nonprofit video storytelling often follows a pattern. It typically begins by highlighting a problem or challenge, emphasizing the pain point or predicament. Then, it transitions to a happier and improved “new” state, often involving characters. This story should align with the transformation your nonprofit aims to create. It’s a powerful way to communicate your nonprofit’s mission clearly. Don’t forget to conclude with a call to action, urging viewers to donate, volunteer, or spread the word.

How do nonprofits measure the success of their video marketing efforts? 

Nonprofits have various ways to measure video marketing success. For “off-site” marketing, you can track video views, engagement metrics (likes, shares, comments), and click-through rates to your website or donation page. Audience retention, indicating how long people watch, helps assess content effectiveness. Conversion rates, such as donations or volunteer sign-ups resulting from the video, gauge the bottom-line ROI. Additionally, feedback from supporters provides valuable insights into whether your video marketing is fulfilling its purpose. Success ultimately hinges on achieving your specific goals, whether it’s raising funds, increasing awareness, or mobilizing support.

What role does music selection play in nonprofit video production? 

Music selection is pivotal in nonprofit video production, setting the emotional tone and enhancing storytelling impact. The right music aligns with the video’s message and audience, whether it’s upbeat tunes for celebratory moments or heartfelt melodies for touching stories. Music reinforces the narrative, making the video more memorable and emotionally engaging, ultimately encouraging support for the nonprofit’s cause.

What are the best platforms and strategies for nonprofit videos? 

The choice of platforms and strategies for nonprofit videos depends on your specific goals. Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are effective for building awareness, as video content often reaches audiences’ news feeds at a higher rate than text and static images. Your own channels, such as your website and email newsletters, are ideal for engaging existing supporters directly. To expand your reach, consider paid advertising for targeted outreach. Regardless of the platform, engage with comments and collaborate with partners to amplify your video’s impact.

Why choose Gisteo over other nonprofit video production companies? 

While there are many nonprofit video production companies available, Gisteo offers several compelling reasons to choose us. Our experienced team specializes in creating emotionally engaging videos that inspire action. We understand the unique needs of nonprofits and provide budget-friendly solutions without compromising quality. With over a decade of experience and a proven track record, we offer end-to-end services, from concept to creation, ensuring your message resonates with your audience and drives meaningful support for your cause. 

How do we get started with our nonprofit video production? 

Ready to kickstart your nonprofit video production process? Contact us and share some details about your campaign video, including your needs, target audience, and information about your nonprofit organization. We’ll promptly provide you with more information about the entire process. Better yet, schedule a consultation below to go over your project on a Zoom or Google Meet call!


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