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What are legal videos?

A legal video is a form of video content utilized within the legal sector, often by law firms, legal technology companies, or other entities in the legal field. The primary purpose of legal videos is to convey legal information or promote legal services. These videos frequently cover topics related to explaining laws, simplifying legal procedures, or informing about clients’ rights using clear language. Additionally, legal videos may showcase attorney profiles, provide insights into law firm operations, or serve as commercials to advertise the services offered by a law firm. In essence, legal videos serve the dual purpose of making legal information more accessible to clients while also enhancing the visibility and branding of legal professionals and firms.

Benefits of legal video production

Legal videos offer various benefits for legal professionals and law firms. Here are just a few:

Enhanced engagement: Visual storytelling captures viewers’ attention and maintains their engagement, which is crucial for effectively conveying legal information and advice.

Clear communication: Legal videos provide a concise and clear means of communicating legal services, expertise, and solutions to clients and potential clients.

Building trust: Transparent and accessible communication through videos helps build trust with clients, showcasing your commitment to providing clear and understandable legal guidance.

Versatile marketing: Legal videos can be used across various platforms, including law firm websites, social media, client consultations, presentations, and even as local commercials, maximizing their reach and impact.

Competitive advantage: Utilizing engaging legal video productions helps set your law firm apart from competitors, making your legal services more appealing and understandable to potential clients.

Legal video production

Legal video production examples

Check out a few of the legal & law firm videos that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!

Online video commercial series for NY-based law firm

Law Offices of Jeff Martin & Associates

Part of a series of 30 second animated TV commercials for Tulsa law firm


Explainer for American Legal System document editing software

Insurance King

Explainer for electronic car insurance law in the state of Illinois

Jeff Martin | Uncertain Times

Part of a series of animated TV commercial for personal injury law firm

Jeff Martin | Child Sexual Abuse

Another in a series of animated TV commercials for this law firm

Legal video production FAQs

What kinds of videos can be effective for law firms?
Law firms can benefit from a variety of video types. Explainer videos simplify complex legal topics through animation, making them easy to understand. Testimonial videos feature real clients sharing their positive experiences with the firm. Animated commercials can be use online, on social media channels and for broadcast television.  However, it’s essential to diversify the video content so consider uusing a mix of videos helps clients familiarize themselves with the firm and build trust.
What are the key elements of a compelling law firm video?

Effective law firm videos should align with your specific goals, but there are some universal principles to consider. First, maintain a conversational and friendly tone to make complex topics relatable to your audience. Visuals play a crucial role in reinforcing key points, so ensure they are dynamic and compelling. Additionally, consider the length of your videos; it’s generally recommended to keep them around 1-2 minutes to cater to today’s shorter attention spans. In essence, aim to keep your videos concise and impactful for the best engagement with your website visitors. If you plan on using the video as a TV ad, you’ll need to be even more succinct as most ad slots are 30 seconds. 

Why choose Gisteo for your legal video production?

With over a decade perfecting animated video production across many sectors and niches, Gisteo has amassed huge industry knowledge and creative expertise to produce legal videos that captivate your audience and deliver results. We can also partner with you to produce a live action video if that is your preference. Above all, Gisteo focuses on making things easy for you, delivering not only a great video but an enjoyable experience, with great communication and a clear, simple service. With competitive and transparent pricing, excellent communication, and a track record of video success, choosing Gisteo means your legal video production is in very safe hands!

This all sounds perfect. How can I get started?

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