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What are insurance explainer videos?

Insurance videos are versatile and valuable tools created for insurance companies, brokers, and agencies. They serve multiple purposes, such as clarifying insurance concepts, enhancing brand recognition, simplifying intricate policies, introducing new services, educating clients, and generating leads. Video content offers an effective means for insurance providers to expand their reach and connect with their audience.

Benefits of insurance video production

Videos provide insurance companies with a multitude of advantages. Insurance explainer videos excel at simplifying intricate insurance products in an engaging and memorable manner. They also contribute to humanizing insurance brands by adding a personal touch. 

Video content stands out on social media, websites, and various platforms, fostering familiarity and trust with insurance brands both before and after a purchase. Additionally, for insurance providers aiming to connect with younger demographics, video serves as a modern way to reach and engage with this audience effectively.

Insurance video production

Insurance explainer video examples

Check out a few of the insurance video productions that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!

Humorous video pitting Insurance King vs. the “other guys”

Fred C. Church Insurance

30 second animated video for NH-based insurance company

Quickbooks | General Liability Insurance

Whiteboard explainer educating small business owners

National Life

Explainer for analytics platform for life insurance companies


Explainer for insurance industry technology provider

National Mortgage Insurance

Whiteboard explainer educating homebuyers on mortgage insurance


Explainer for lead-generation platform for insurance brokers

Sharp Insurance

Overview of insurance solution for auto dealers

Insurance explainer video production FAQs

What types of video content work well for the insurance industry? 

Several video styles work exceptionally well for the insurance industry. These include explainer videos, which simplify complex insurance policies for easy understanding. Product demo videos effectively showcase specific insurance offerings, providing a clear picture to potential customers. Customer testimonial videos play a crucial role in building trust, as they feature real clients sharing their positive experiences. Brand videos help convey the company’s values and identity to the audience, creating a stronger connection. Educational videos on insurance concepts provide valuable insights to both existing and prospective policyholders. Additionally, behind-the-scenes company culture videos, leadership team introduction videos, interactive quotation tool videos, and animated infographics displaying statistics all serve as valuable resources for the insurance industry.

What is the recommended length and style for an effective insurance marketing video?

For most marketing videos, including those in the insurance industry, we recommend an optimal length of approximately 60-90 seconds. This duration strikes a balance between providing comprehensive information and maintaining strong viewer engagement. Longer videos often result in viewer drop-off, so it’s essential to keep your video concise and focused. The key is to deliver your message efficiently, emphasizing simplicity and clarity. 

What are the key elements of an outstanding insurance explainer video?

Several factors contribute to creating an exceptional insurance video. Firstly, it should be concise, delivering a clear and straightforward message. Visual appeal is crucial, so the video should look impressive and have the appropriate production values, including music and voiceovers. A well-defined call-to-action is essential to guide the audience’s next steps. 

How can insurers distribute video content most effectively? 

To maximize the reach and impact of insurance video productions, a multi-platform distribution strategy is key. The specific approach may vary depending on the video’s purpose and audience. Typically, it’s advisable to share videos on your website, where they can engage visitors and provide valuable information. Incorporating videos into email marketing campaigns is another effective method to reach your existing audience and potential customers. Don’t forget to leverage social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram to expand your video’s reach and increase views.

Furthermore, consider using insurance explainer videos at in-person events such as trade shows, sales pitches, and investment presentations to enhance audience engagement and deliver your message effectively. Traditional advertising avenues like TV or billboard advertising can also be explored to maximize the impact of your video content. By utilizing a combination of these distribution channels and platforms, insurers can ensure their videos resonate with their target audience and achieve the desired results.

Why choose Gisteo for your insurance video production?

With over a decade perfecting explainer video production across many industries and niches, Gisteo has amassed huge industry knowledge and creative expertise to produce insurance videos that captivate your audience and deliver results. Above all, Gisteo focuses on making things easy for you, delivering not only a great video but an enjoyable experience, with great communication and a clear, simple service. With competitive and transparent pricing, excellent service, and a track record of video success, choosing Gisteo means your insurance video production is in very safe hands!

This all sounds great. How can I get started?

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