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 Explain the gist with a real hand’s on approach. Learn more about our whiteboard explainer videos here.

What are whiteboard explainer videos anyway?

Whiteboard explainer videos normally combine a whiteboard background with a real person’s hand (holding a marker). While the voice over talent speaks, the hand illustrates relevant imagery and writes out words in order to bring the narration to life. At Gisteo, we sometimes use the hand to slide objects around, erase words or perform similar actions…in addition to drawing and writing. Our approach goes well beyond just scribing, which is why we like to call them “Hand’s On Gisteos.”

The whiteboard video style was largely popularized by a British foundation called RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce). Their RSA Animate series was conceived as a fresh, engaging way of illustrating and sharing the ideas presented by guest speakers during TED-like talks.  RSA’s videos have millions of views while helping spread the knowledge discussed in the lectures. The whiteboard approach used by RSA soon spread like wildfire beyond just the educational field and the whiteboard explainer video became a popular choice among businesses and organizations of all types and sectors.

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Strengths of whiteboard explainer videos

Whiteboard videos have a human, intimate quality about them that perhaps other styles of explainer videos do not. The hand used in these videos serves as a mesmerizing visual device that drives the entire video. As the hand creates characters, backgrounds and situations, the viewer is pulled into the story that’s unfolding before them.

A study commissioned by Sparkol had 1000 people watch a whiteboard explainer video and 1000 people watch a talking head video – both videos pitching the exact same service business. The results were impressive:

  • The whiteboard explainer was shared 3 times more than the talking head video
  • 4 out of 10 viewers who watched the whiteboard animation were convinced enough to buy – twice as many as the talking head video.
  • 53% who watched the whiteboard animation would recommend the service described vs. 22% who watched the talking head.

Much like other types of explainer videos, a whiteboard animation can help synthesize and condense large amounts of information effectively.  The unique presentation style used in whiteboard videos, however, can help “unpack” all this information in real-time and with fewer distractions.  This can enable you to include even more content in your video (vs. typical explainer videos) while still keeping the video engaging and entertaining.

The bottom-line is that whiteboard videos can be excellent for simplifying complex topics. They have an educational feel to them that puts your audience in learning mode. Also, through the magic of production process, Gisteo often mixes in animation effects, colors and other elements typical to ensure that the whiteboard explainer isn’t too bland or static.

Weaknesses of whiteboard explainer videos

So are there any cons to whiteboard explainer videos? Sure, like we say, there are “horses for courses” and the scribing hand approach may not be for everyone.

By their very nature, whiteboard explainer videos are not going to have explosive 3D effects and elaborate eye candy that rocks your world.  If you’re looking for a high-energy promo video, for example, whiteboard isn’t your “horse.”  If you want a seamless brand experience between your video and all of that beautiful vector artwork on your website, whiteboard videos are not your best bet. If you need a demo video for your app or software, complete with screenshots shown on a device, whiteboard animations may not be ideal.  The good news?  Gisteo has you covered, whatever your animation needs may be. Just saddle up the horse of your choice and we’ll make it happen!

A sampling of our whiteboard explainer video productions

Here’s a quick look at some of the many whiteboard explainer videos or, “Hand’s On” gisteos as we call them, that we’ve produced over the years. Be sure to visit our Portfolio page to review a wide range of our animated explainer videos, promo videos, business videos and marketing videos, organized by style.

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