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What are animated sales videos?

Sales videos, also known as sales explainer videos, are concise and persuasive promotional tools designed to enhance your business’s sales efforts. Whether you incorporate them into cold emails, nurturing sequences, or use them during in-person sales presentations, these videos captivate and influence your audience by effectively showcasing the benefits and features of your product or service through compelling storytelling and visual elements.

Benefits of sales explainer videos

Eliminate confusion: lack of clarity creates frictions in the sales process. If you customers don’t fully understand how your business can help solve their problems, the sales process if infinitely more difficult. Our sales animations cut through the clutter and get to the gist of what you bring to the table.

Shorten the sales cycle: lengthy sales presentations aren’t always scalable or easy to schedule. A hard-hitting 60-90 second animated sales video can help you convert more leads and close more deals, faster.

Deliver a consistent pitch: sales team need to present your value proposition in a coherent, consistent way. An animated sales video can serve as your core elevator pitch for sales calls, meetings and outbound marketing.

sales explainer videos

Sales explainer video examples

Check out a few of the animated sales videos that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!


Punchy sales promo for team sports app. Nearly 1M views on Youtube!

WAX- Street Fighter

A dynamic video promoting for the Street Fighter NFT collectibles

Playground Experts

Animated sales pitchman for playground manufacturer


Animated dumpster pitching a junk collection service


Sales explainer for non-profit software management platform


Animated sales video for senior living management software


Sales explainer for facility project management software

Sauce Beauty

Animated explainer for a healthier line of shampoos & haircare products

Sales video production FAQs

How can videos be utilized throughout the sales cycle? 

Video is a versatile tool that can be effectively uses throughout the entire sales cycle. It serves various purposes, such as showcasing product features, highlighting benefits, answering questions, narrating your brand’s story, building trust, and addressing objections. In the sales world, it’s well understood that multiple interactions or “touches” are often needed before a significant purchase decision is made. Videos allow you to diversify these touchpoints, automating parts of the process while delivering impactful content that leaves a lasting impression on your leads.

Why opt for an animated sales video? 

While both animated and live-action videos have their merits, animated videos hold a unique advantage in the sales context. They excel at presenting abstract concepts and visualizations that aid viewers in comprehending intricate ideas. Animated sales explainer videos offer consistent branding, customization, and flexibility in conveying the distinctive value proposition of your product or service.

What types of videos does Gisteo produce? 

Gisteo specializes in animated videos but we also offer live-action video services. If you’re uncertain about which direction to take with your sales explainer video project, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation and we’ll be happy to assist you in making that decision.

Is there a distinction between sales and marketing videos? 

While there are subtle differences, sales and marketing videos share many similarities in terms of their creation. Their differentiation mainly lies in their usage, target audiences, and objectives. As long as we grasp these distinctions at the outset of your project, we can tailor the video to address the specific audience and goals you have in mind. The same principles of quality, duration, and storytelling apply to videos used in sales as they do to those in marketing campaigns.

How do I choose the right animated sales video production company? 

When choosing a partner for your animated sales videos, it’s important to look for a company with a strong reputation and a track record of delivering high-quality work. Ensure the team has experience in creating videos with compelling storylines and engaging visuals. Be sure to check out examples of their previous work, especially if it aligns with your industry, read client testimonials, and verify that they have the necessary resources to bring your animated sales video to life. Finding the right company is a crucial step, so take the time to research different options until you find one that aligns with your brand and objectives.

What is included in the Gisteo package? 

The Gisteo package is comprehensive and all-inclusive. Our video production process covers everything from initial research to the final product, allowing for unlimited revisions at each stage (subject to a firm sign-off at the end of each phase). This ensures that you receive a sales explainer video that aligns with your vision. Additionally, our package includes royalty-free music, voice-over narration, and sound effects to enhance your video’s quality and impact. Plus, we offer the most transparent pricing in the industry, so it’s simple to get a quote with us. 

What elements should be included in an animated sales video? 

An animated sales video should encompass several key elements to be effective. It should weave a compelling narrative about the product, emphasizing its features, benefits, and value to the consumer. An engaging script with essential points should articulate why customers should place their trust in your brand. Visual components, including captivating images, animations, and videos, play a crucial role in conveying the product’s story in an engaging way. Lastly, be sure to include a strong call to action by incorporating promotional offers and website links, guiding viewers toward making a purchase decision.

What is the ideal length for a sales explainer video? 

The ideal length for a sales video can vary depending on its purpose and content. In general, it’s recommended to keep it short and engaging, typically no longer than 2 minutes for maximum impact. A successful sales video should strike a balance between conveying sufficient information about your product or service while avoiding excessive length that might bore your audience. Aim for a succinct core message that quickly captures attention and piques interest, encouraging viewers to learn more.

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