Our work

Full disclosure: when you’ve created over 1,000 animated marketing videos, showcasing your stuff is challenging. Nevertheless, we’ve tried to keep things simple and somewhat organized here on this page. Below, we provide samples of a variety of our productions, categorized by general style.  For a directory of videos organized by general category/industry, click here.

This is by no means meant to be comprehensive collection of what we’ve done across all sectors, business types, approaches, languages, uses etc. Please contact us if you have a particular style or industry in mind. We’ll be sure to dig through our archives and tell you if we’ve done it or could do it.

Cartoon Style

Unless you’re a CPA (just a joke- no accountant hate mail please), chances are you love a good story. These entertaining, narrated gisteos are ideal for bringing the pain points of your target to life while presenting your offering in way that will stick. We clearly communicate the WIIFM (“what’s in it for me?”) factor – without smacking the viewer in the face and pleading “buy me!” We’ll leave that to the 3:00 am infomercials. Note: many of our cartoon gisteos also contain elements of motion graphics and include actual product images/screenshots. The biggest difference between this style and motion graphics (next section below) often lies in the art style of the characters themselves.

Motion Graphics

Are you “cartoon-phobic?” No problem, we get it. Sometimes, the situation calls for a different look and feel than the more cartoony stuff. With motion graphics, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. The beautiful graphics, vector-style artwork, slick screenshots and tantalizing effects of our motion graphics gisteos will make your message sizzle like bacon on Sunday morning. Characters in this style a(s well as much of the imagery) tend to be more abstract vs. the cartoon-style gisteos. This approach are perfect for intros, overviews, product demos, tutorials, screen tours and more.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is the technical name for “moving text”— an animation technique mixing motion and text to express ideas. In less technical terms, it’s a really freaking cool usage of text captions, supplemented by graphics, charts, photos and music, to drive home your message and engage your audience. We utilize the previously mentioned motion graphics technique here although one of the key differences is voice over narration is not mandatory on these puppies as the words do much of heavy lifting.

Talking Character/Spokesperson

The “Gisteo Guy” on our home page spawned a whole new genre out there. Who knew a little square-headed dude could make so much of a splash? Well, he did, and now this close cousin of the aforementioned cartoon-style gisteo is spreading like wildfire. Forget those pricey prima donna actors on the green screen- our talking cartoon characters will pitch your USP in a unique way that will help your message cut through the clutter. Already have a mascot on your site or in your logo? No problem, we’ll animate almost anything and have it talking for you in no time!

Hands On

In this approach, we utilize hand movements and cut-out images along with animation, whiteboard drawings and pictures to give these gisteos a real artisan feel. Each uses a mesmorizing visual device to guide the narration. There’s a lot we can do with these hands too- like sliding and removing images on the screen, pointing, writing, drawing or just about everything-barring an obscene gesture, of course. Hmmm..well, never say “never.”

Live Action Video Clips & Graphics

Looking for an extra shot of realism in your explainer video? Want to show “real” people and/or product imagery to help bring your story to life? Not a problem. We can do that by mixing in live-action video clips with motion graphics, text, screenshots and other visual effects. We’ll either incorporate footage that you supply or we’ll find high-quality stock clips that go with the script like peanut butter goes with jelly- no expensive camera crews required!