Our work

Below is just a small taste of our nearly 3,000 productions– categorized by general style. This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive collection of what we’ve done across all sectors or use cases. Please contact us if you have a particular style or approach in mind. We’ll tell you if we’ve done it or could do it and will send you relevant samples accordingly. Note: if the volume is not playing automatically, use the controls at the bottom right of the video player.

2D Animation

Unless you’re a CPA (just a joke- no hate mail please!), chances are you love a good story. These engaging gisteos are ideal for bringing the pain points of your target to life while presenting your offering in a compelling way.  Characters are featured in these productions along with elements of motion graphics, product images and screenshots…so they aren’t necessarily overly “cartoonish” by any means.  In fact, there’s often a very fine line between this style and Motion Graphics (in the next section below).  The difference lies in the more expressive, “human” style of the characters themselves as well as the more extensive role they play in the video.