Motion graphics explainer videos

Motion graphics explainer videos are one of our specialties here at Gisteo. Learn more about this style of production and view samples here!

The beauty of motion graphics explainer videos

Motion graphics videos are videos that use predominantly use artwork and moving graphics.  Think graphic design meets video. Unlike other 2D style explainers, characters are skipped or play a minor role in motion graphics.  In these videos, graphics will morph, shift and transition into other things. The emphasis is often on more abstract concepts with a focus on facts, ideas and processes.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing a video style. It all depends on your brand, overall objectives and personal tastes.  Here are some reasons why you might consider a motion graphics explainer over other video styles.

  1. Motion graphics is an excellent style for tackling complex ideas: it makes abstract and difficult concepts easier to digest for viewers.
  2. Professional: many brands don’t want an overly cartoonish look. Motion graphics look “grown up” and corporate without running the risk of making your production seem childish in any way.
  3. Comparatively affordable: motion graphics productions are much faster, more efficient and affordable than live-action productions, which require actors, sets, film crews etc.
  4. Flexible: motion graphics videos combine well with real images and video clips should you want to include screenshots of your interface, headshots of team members, customer testimonial clips, etc.

When should you use motion graphics explainer videos, and when should you not?

The truth is that you can use motion graphics explainer videos to create almost any kind of marketing message.  There may be a couple of exceptions, however.

For example, if you need to demonstrate how an actual product works or how it looks in action, you should probably go with live-action.  Remember those old ShamWoW or Ginshu knife informercials?  The producers for those spots made the right call using live-action as a motion graphics approach probably wouldn’t have done those products justice. Likewise, if you wanted to feature a customer journey or a highly character-driven script, 2D animation or a cartoon explainer would likely be better to bring your story to life. Other than that, when creating any other kind of video about the benefits of your product or if you’re telling your brand story, motion graphics is a great choice.

Examples our motion graphics explainer video productions

Here’s a quick look at some of the many motion graphics explainer videos that we’ve produced over the years. Be sure to visit our portfolio page to review a wide range of our animated videos, organized by style. If you’re curious about pricing, just visit our pricing page for our transparent, all-included fixed fees.

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