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What are biotech explainer videos?

The world of biotechnology can be intricate and challenging to grasp for many audiences. That’s where biotech explainer videos come in. These videos serve as powerful tools for biotech companies to convey complex scientific concepts, cutting-edge innovations, and the potential impact of their work in a clear and accessible manner. Biotech explainer videos combine engaging visual storytelling with simplified explanations, making it easier for scientists, investors, healthcare professionals, and the general public to comprehend the groundbreaking advancements in biotechnology. Whether you’re looking to showcase a breakthrough discovery, explain a novel therapy, or promote the value of your biotech company, our videos can help you bridge the gap between science and understanding.

Benefits of biotech video production

Biotech explainer videos offer numerous benefits for companies operating in the life sciences industry. Here are just a few:

Simplify complexity: Biotech explainer videos break down complex ideas into understandable and relatable visuals, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Increased engagement: Visual storytelling captures viewers’ attention and maintains their engagement. This can be particularly important when conveying scientific information.

Enhanced communication: Biotech videos provide a clear and concise means of communicating your innovations, research, or product developments to various stakeholders, including investors, researchers, and potential clients.

Building trust: Transparent and accessible communication through videos helps build trust with your audience, showcasing your commitment to openness and clarity in your biotech endeavors.

Versatile marketing: Biotech explainer videos can be used across multiple channels, including websites, social media, conferences, and investor pitches, maximizing their reach and impact.

Competitive edge: Utilizing engaging biotech explainer video production sets your company apart from competitors, making your research or products more appealing and understandable to potential partners and investors.

Global reach: With the potential for multilingual subtitles or voiceovers, these videos can transcend language barriers and reach a global audience, expanding your reach and influence.

Biotech explainer videos

Biotech explainer video production examples

Check out a few of the biotech explainer videos that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!

Explainer for BioIT’s 1Platform data analytics solution

Vendanta Biosciences

Mixed media video to explain their unique approach to drug development


Overview of the OneOmics solution for deeper biologic insights


Explainer for diagnostic technology for tuberculosis (TB)

Oxford Immunotec

Explainer for early Lyme disease detection test solution


Explainer of Sciex’s biotherapeutic characterization solution


Explainer video for their software suite of solutions & biotech expertise


Overview of the QFT fast tuberculosis solution for staff

Biotech explainer video production FAQs

Do you produce videos more specific to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors?
Yes, in fact you can get more information on our healthcare explainer videos here and more information about our pharmaceutical explainer video production here
What is the recommended length and style for an effective biotech video?

For most marketing videos, including those in the life sciences industry, we recommend an optimal length of approximately 1-2 minutes. This duration strikes a balance between providing comprehensive information and maintaining strong viewer engagement. Longer videos often result in viewer drop-off, so it’s essential to keep your video concise and focused. The key is to deliver your message efficiently, emphasizing simplicity and clarity. There are exceptions, of course, especially for demo or tutorial videos which tend to be more in-depth. 

What are the key elements of a compelling biotech explainer video?

Several factors contribute to creating an exceptional biotech video. Firstly, it should be concise, delivering a clear and straightforward message. Visual appeal is crucial, so the video should look impressive and have the appropriate production values, including music and voiceovers. A well-defined call-to-action is also essential to guide the audience’s next steps. 

Why choose Gisteo for your biotech video production?

With over a decade perfecting explainer video production across many industries and niches, Gisteo has amassed huge industry knowledge and creative expertise to produce biotech videos that captivate your audience and deliver results. Above all, Gisteo focuses on making things easy for you, delivering not only a great video but an enjoyable experience, with great communication and a clear, simple service. With competitive and transparent pricing, excellent service, and a track record of video success, choosing Gisteo means your biotech video production is in very safe hands!

This all sounds perfect. How can I get started?

Contact us with details about your project, and we’ll be happy to provide you with information regarding pricing, timelines, and the overall process. You can also schedule a consultation below so we can discuss your project in detail over a Zoom meeting. 


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