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The Gist of Our Philosophy

“At Gisteo, we’re marketers first and foremost– not just animators.  Great explainer and marketing videos start with a full understanding of your target, value proposition and objectives…followed by a compelling script that helps people understand what you do and why you matter. Animation, while important, is simply a tool bring all this to life.”

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How It Works

The Gisteo process is simple & straightforward.  Here are the steps we follow, from concept to final delivery.

We start by rolling up our sleeves and doing our homework. We kick things off by studying your pre-production questionnaire to better understand your value proposition and overall goals for your video.
Next, we proceed to write the script, which serves as the blueprint for the entire gisteo. We send you the draft for comments, make revisions if necessary until the script is approved.
Our team then turns your script into full color, frame by frame visuals so you can get a feel for your final video and send feedback. If it’s a cartoon-style gisteo, we’ll also design the character(s) and submit to you for approval in this stage.
After the script is approved, we proceed to record the voice over. You choose what style of voice over your want based on our team of voice over artists, who have each submitted a custom audition for you to review.
We bring all the elements to life with animation and present drafts for you to review and request any necessary edits. During this stage, we also add music (royalty-free so you have no copyright issues) and sound effects to the video.
Once the video is approved and the final payment is received, we send you a link to download the final file, in the format you specify (.mp4 file is the most common). It’s time for you to share your gisteo with the world!

A Sampling Of Our Styles

Good gisteos are like snowflakes- no two are exactly alike. Unlike snowflakes, however, our animated videos don’t melt unless you place your device in a microwave (not recommended).  Below are some 90 second highlight reels of our main styles. Check out the Portfolio section for much more.

Cartoon Style

Engaging cartoon explanations & stories

Motion Graphics

Animation with a slick, corporate look & feel

Hand’s On (aka Whiteboard)

Hand drawing effect to captivate & inform

Talking Cartoon Spokesperson

Custom animated spokesperson for your brand

Kinetic Typography

Imagery with animated text helps your story, beautifully

Live Action & Graphics

Real-world images + dazzling animated visual effects

Is Gisteo The Right Fit?

We admit it: Gisteo isn’t for everyone. Here’s how to figure out if we’re the best choice for you.

Who should hire us?

  • You value experience and our track record working with the world’s leading brands.
  • You’re looking for quality video and will pay a fair rate for a premium product.
  • You want to work with a firm that is fast, efficient and responsive.
  • You prefer US-based companies, available during your work hours.
  • You seek big-agency thinking and skills but you can live without the bloated fees & processes.
  • You want professionals who will listen to your needs while delivering expert guidance.

Who should not hire us?

  • You think experience is over-rated and don’t mind serving as a “guinea pig.”
  • You could care less about quality; you’re just trying to find a dirt-cheap solution.
  • You have time to burn and are fine if it takes months to slog through your production.
  • You want to go offshore & hope that nothing gets lost in translation.
  • You crave the big agency “pomp and circumstance” and embrace paying 5x.
  • You don’t want guidance; just an order-taker…no questions asked!

The Gisteo Difference

Fixed prices, no hidden fees

At Gisteo, our fixed pricing is 100% “what you see is what you get”

Quick turnaround times

We work fast & efficiently to finish your project on time, every time!

Lightning-fast communication

Responses with blazing speed before, during and after your project.

US-based with a global perspective

Videos created for organizations in 20+ countries in 10 different languages.

All-included packages

Yep, everything is included from “soup to nuts” – all for one fixed price.

Unlimited revisions 

We make changes within each stage at no charge to you.

Fully customized, versatile styles

No templates. Just diverse styles tailored to your unique needs.

Industry Pioneers Since 2011

Over 1,200 productions completed to date.

Pick Our Brain … For FREE!

We know our stuff…not just about animated explainer videos, but also about marketing/branding in general. We’ll be happy to set up a call and give you our suggestions on overall approach, style, length etc. Scout’s honor: there’s no obligation and we won’t bombard you with spammy emails afterwards.

Video Is Critical To Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Some fast facts to help convince your boss (or yourself!) that now is the time to get a Gisteo

of B2B companies plan to use video in their content marketing over the next year.

Blue Corona

75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week

Visual Data is processed 60,000 times faster than text by the brain

Nonprofit Hub

of a message is retained in a video vs. just 10% reading it in plain text

Love Is In The Air...

“We had the pleasure to work with Stephen and the Gisteo team when he helped us bring to life a story through video for Oracle Retail. They helped us tell a complex story in a clear and concise way. We are very pleased with the final product. I would recommend working with Gisteo. Thanks Stephen!”

Jessica KottcampDirector of Retail Marketing, Oracle

“Working with the Gisteo team was amazing. Our engineering services business often has good marketing ideas, but we struggle pulling all the creative elements together. Gisteo made this easy. We exchanged our ideas with them, and they ran with it. We are delighted with the results!”

Ted MesserlyPresident & Managing Partner, Lumenance

“Gisteo successfully captured the style, mood and emotion we were looking for to help promote our latest campaign. The flexibility, professionalism and quick work on this video is much appreciated! We are very happy with the end result of the video and will look to work with you again in the future!”

Cristina WongConsumer Campaigns Manager, Intel