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Gisteo creates customer onboarding videos to help new users easily learn about your product or service. These videos are a great way to start them off on the right foot!


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What are customer onboarding videos?

Ever get something new and wish it came with a quick-start guide? That’s what customer onboarding videos are all about! They’re short, engaging videos that help new customers get the hang of your product or service fast. Think of them as a friendly walkthrough, showing off cool features, how to set things up, and even solving common problems. It’s like having a helpful buddy who wants to make sure you have an awesome experience right from the get-go.

When should companies use onboarding videos?

Why is video effective for the customer onboarding?

Ae you sign-up rates solid but you’re having issues with retention? Or maybe your product has so many awesome features that it’s a bit tricky to get started? 

That’s when customer onboarding videos come to the rescue! These videos are perfect for companies rolling out new products or features. They’re also a lifesaver for businesses with complicated or tech-heavy services. In a nutshell, onboarding videos keep customers sticking around by making things easier from day one. They’re your go-to tool for boosting customer loyalty and making sure people love using what you’ve got to offer.

customer onboarding videos

Why stick to boring text when you can make your new customers’ experience pop with video? Videos aren’t just fun to watch; they make it super easy to show off what your product can do. Plus, they’re a lot easier to follow than a long set of written instructions. 

What’s more, videos make sure everyone gets the same top-notch intro to your product, cutting down on customer questions and keeping people around for the long haul. So, for an onboarding process that’s both engaging and effective, go with video

Customer onboarding video examples

Check out a few of the customer onboarding video productions that we’ve created for clients below. Much more work available here!


Welcome video with platoform setup steps for new Gingr customers

Media Radar

Part of a series of short intro tutorials for new customers


A video welcoming new member address common questions

MBO Partners

A quick welcome oriented new consultants to the MBO platform

Customer onboarding video production FAQs

How do you know if your customer onboarding video is a hit?

Wondering if your onboarding video is doing its job? Keep an eye on things like how many people finish watching the video, how long they watch, and if they’re liking or sharing it. Also, check if they’re actually using your product more after watching. Surveys and customer feedback can give you extra clues about how well the video is helping new users get started.

How do we keep the brand vibe in onboarding videos?

Want your onboarding video to scream “This is us!”? No worries. We start by getting the lowdown on your brand’s style, voice, and message. Then we make sure all those elements, like your logo and color scheme, are front and center in the video. This way, your brand stays consistent and easy to recognize.

What’s the best way to share onboarding videos? 

So, you’ve got a great onboarding video. Now what? Make it easy to find! Put it on your website or a special welcome page. Send it in a welcome email. Share it on platforms like YouTube to pull in even more new users. You can even put it in your FAQ section or right inside the product. If you can track how people interact with it, even better!

Can I save money if I do a entire series of onboarding videos?

Yes, we can make a whole series of onboarding videos for you! Once we get the basics down—like your brand style and what your product does—the rest is a breeze. It saves both of us time and keeps everything looking and sounding consistent. Check out our Gisteo MAX plan here for more information on our volume discount membership plan.

What kinds of onboarding videos can you make? 

Choices, choices! Want something fun and animated? We’ve got you. Need a step-by-step screen demo? No problem. Mixed media or whiteboard? Yep, we can do it. You can review our general styles on the Portfolio page.

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