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We’ll be happy to set up a free consultation and provide you with some ideas in terms of the overall storyline/conceptual direction for your animated marketing or explainer video.  We know our stuff and we’re able to pull from our diverse experience to help you in your efforts.

As part of the free consultation, we’ll also give you our thoughts in terms of the executional style to use in your video (motion graphics, cartoon, kinetic typography etc.) along with a rationale for said thoughts. There are “horses for courses” and each style we do has its unique strength depending on your brand personality, target market and objectives.

And, yes, of course, we’re going to want to work with you and produce a Gisteo for your organization. Come on, this is a business! But you have our word: this consultation is 100% free. We promise to bring our “A game” and we won’t relentlessly bombard you with spammy emails afterwards either.

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We’ll review and reach out to you to set up a call within 24 hours.

Incidentally, this Pre-Production Questionnaire is the same document we use to Get Started on all our projects here at Gisteo so, in the event that you decide to move forward, we’ll have step 1 of Our Process complete!

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No time to fill out the questionnaire?

No problem if you’re in a hurry and would like to schedule a consultation without completing the questionnaire.  Just contact us and let us know you’d let to set up the free consultation.

It’s still a good idea to download the questionnaire document, however, as these are the types of questions we’ll be asking you during our call. It’s also step 1 of Our Process if we move forward together on the project.

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Of all of the vendors that I’ve worked with thus far with my startup, the Gisteo team was the most responsive, adaptive and intuitive as to what what we needed and wanted to communicate. Our product doesn’t lend itself well to an easy explanation. . . until now!

Jack LanahanCEO. Excura