Animated commercials

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Animated commercials overview

Animated commercials & animated video ads can be a highly effective way to boost your business while saving big-time money. At Gisteo, we certainly don’t have anything against using humans in live-action advertisements but sometimes it’s simply not the best choice for your needs (or budget). Cartoons or animations can capture attention and connect with viewers in a friendly, entertaining way. Animated video ads are also great for strumming viewers’ heartstrings or tackling difficult subjects.  For example, Melbourne’s “Dumb ways to die” animated safety campaign won countless awards while racking up millions of views. If you haven’t seen it, check it out now. Priceless!

Benefits of animated commercials

Companies invest in all kinds of animated videos; explainer videos, demos, FAQ videos, brand videos and tutorials can all enhance a businesses’s marketing efforts. But one of the most essential videos to have in your toolbox is an animated commercial video. Animated commercials promote a service, product, brand, or company and are promoted on TV, social media, and other digital outlets with a paid media spend. Companies invest in commercial videos to achieve a wide range of marketing goals, but the most common include:

Raising brand awareness:  Unlike other videos that are created to engage existing customers, animated commercial videos are promoted through paid media channels to reach new target audiences and increase brand awareness.

Boosting sales:  81% of viewers have purchased a product or service after watching a brand’s video and  88% of marketers report a positive ROI when incorporating video.

Increasing conversions: An animated commercial video is a great way to increase conversions on any digital marketing effort. Whether your goal is to earn more subscribers, increase demo inquiries, acquire new leads, or drive more downloads, animated ads can help you covert.

Launching a product: Animated commercials are ideal for introducing new products to market. With animation, you have fewer creative limitations than you have with live action productions. More on that below.

Animated commercials vs. live-action

Live-action productions certainly have plenty of pros when it comes making a video advertisement.  Live-action is humanizing and personal.  It shows how things look and work, in real-world situations. It’s perfect for highlighting the beauty of a products, physical spaces such as hotel rooms or resorts…and much more. But there’s a reason why commercial animation and animated video ads have become so popular in recent years. Let take a closer look at just a few strengths of animated video ads vs. live-action ads:

1. Animation is excellent at simplifying things: If you want to get educate your audience on a complex or abstract subject, animation can be far better than live-action at boiling down your message into the most important and relevant points. That’s why so tech companies these days (often selling complex softwares or cloud-based services) have taken to producing animations to explain their value proposition to customers.

2. Animation is more flexible & often provides greater creative freedom: Did you watch the wildly successful “Dumb ways to die” video at the top of this page?  Try doing that one live-action!  And that’s the point: animation can look and sound any way you want it to. Quite literally, if you can imagine it, you can animate it. While live-action is constrained by what is physically possible and what’s feasible according to budget, there’s no “‘impossible” in animation.

3. It’s easier to update: Need to make changes to your video later on?  That can be tricky with live-action (without expending serious time and money). Updating animation is simpler, easy and cheaper…without the headaches and expenses involved with reshooting scenes.

The difference between animated explainers and animated ads

Errr…umm…aaahh…heck, who knows?  Jokes aside, both are types of marketing videos and both aim to ultimately persuade people to do something (buy, click, sign up, get more info, call, email…).  In general, animated explainer videos are designed to educate your target on the value of a system, service, product, business, process etc. When people have an “a-ha” moment, you are in a better position to get them to take action.  While animated video commercials do some of the same things, the sales pitch is normally stronger and more overt with these videos vs. explainers. In addition, explainer videos usually go into more depth in terms of how things work than in a typical commercial or video ad… although there are certainly short explainers (30 seconds) and long commercials (informercials) so that’s not a hard and fast rule either.

Examples of animated ads by Gisteo

Below are examples of our work at Gisteo that we’re comfortable calling “animated commercials” or “animated video advertisements.”  In most cases, the client told us that the videos would be designed for paid advertising online or on TV. For more samples of our explainer marketing video productions across diverse industries, visit our portfolio page.

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